Roofs are designed to hold up for many years, but in time, small issues begin to form. Left unchecked, these can become major repairs rather than minor fixes.

Every homeowner should take the right steps to ensure their roof is in tip-top condition. Watch for these common roofing issues and learn what is required to get them repaired before things get worse.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

If you have roof shingles, you may lose a few here and there over the years. Others may curl, lift, or become damaged from extreme weather. Tiles and other types of roofing materials can also incur damage from major weather events or even daily exposure to the sun’s UV rays. If you look at your roof and notice any materials that are missing or damaged, you should replace them.

Roof Leaks

When you have a roof leak, it’s hard to ignore. It can cause serious water damage to the interior of your home. While it is more common for this to occur when you’ve got damaged or missing shingles, it can still happen even if nothing looks out of place. You should check your attic after storms to make sure you don’t have water intruding into your home.

Worn or Damaged Flashing

The flashing on your roof is meant to withstand degradation over the years but it’s not completely impervious. If your roof is older or you’ve been through a serious weather event, then you should have this crucial part of your roof inspected to see if it needs repairs or replacement.

Loose Granules

Your asphalt shingles have tiny particles designed to soak up the harmful UV rays from the sun. In time, these particles can wear away, making your roof look discolored. Check your gutters and if you find loose granules, you will want to talk to a roofing company.

Damaged Gutters

As for the gutters, they are also an important part of your roofing system. If they start falling away from your home or get clogged, you’ll need to fix them before they lead to bigger issues for your roof and your whole home.

Rotting Soffit or Fascia

The overhang on your roof can easily incur water damage. Ice dams can cause these crucial parts of your roofing system to detach. When that happens, the soffit or fascia can quickly rot and open up an invitation for animals to burrow.

Roofing Solutions to Fix These Problems

The best way to stay on top of these common roofing problems is to keep roof maintenance on your schedule. You may be able to spot problems from the ground, but it’s best to have a professional get on your roof to conduct a thorough inspection.

Addressing problems as soon as possible, even by way of a temporary patch-up, is better than doing nothing. You’ll have better peace of mind when you know the integrity of your roof hasn’t been compromised. Visit to learn more about how to fix these common roofing issues.


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