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How To Choose The Right Spa For Your Reset Getaway

Read on to learn what to consider when planning your next spa getaway

When looking for the perfect spa getaway, paying attention to the small details is vital. After all, you are trusting these professionals with your body. So whether you want a full-body massage in silence, a manicure with a friend, or a more invasive procedure like botox, finding the right resort to fit your needs is worth the effort.

You want to end your trip feeling more relaxed than ever before, and with a noticeable increase in wellness centers worldwide, it can feel like a time-consuming task. But, by considering a few key questions, you will find yourself grabbing your vape Australia and booking your next spa holiday without a care in the world.


To get the most out of your wellness break, you need to be clear on how much time you can spend at the spa. If you have worked particularly hard in the time leading up to your break, consider rewarding yourself with an extended trip.

The amount of time you choose to spend on any getaway largely depends on how much time you can take off and the budget you can afford. A full week allows for plenty of opportunity to sample an array of spa treatments, while a quick three-day break can be an effective tool in calming your body and mind.


Like duration, the location you choose depends on personal preference, time, and budget. With such varying and unpredictable climates worldwide, preparing in advance by educating yourself on weather patterns in your desired location is key.

A destination spa allows you to relax in a new environment, offering new and exciting opportunities and treatments you may not be able to get back home. However, a local break to the scenic countryside, warm beach, or picturesque mountains will not fall short of expectations.


Thanks to the beauty of the internet, a lot of information is readily available to us at a moment’s notice. Use this power to research and check one of the most important aspects of any spa visit – sanitation. There is a very high possibility that you will be semi-naked or fully naked at some point during your treatments. You don’t want to arrive for a relaxing experience and leave with a nasty infection.

If you are planning on visiting a med spa for a more intimate treatment like botox or laser skin treatments, this detail requires even more attention. Read other guests’ reviews and experiences, and call ahead to ask about preventative health measures the facility has in place. While it is not guaranteed, high-end spa locations typically maintain strict hygiene standards to appeal to their desired clientele.


Before booking a spa, you must ensure the treatments you are after are available. A good resort should have what you are looking for, so it is worth taking the extra time to find it. When you have a clearer idea of the types of treatments you want to have, it narrows down your selections and makes it easier to find the right fit. This will also help you to maintain your budget.

As with most industries, rising trends in the world of wellness are ever-changing. From mindful retreats to medical spas, these facilities keep themselves popular by staying up to date with the latest must-haves. In addition, learning more about the unique treatments different spas have on offer may help in your decision-making.

Spa Etiquette & Atmosphere

Despite common belief, a day in the spa doesn’t always mean spending your time in a fluffy robe, existing in complete silence. Thanks to the large variety of facilities available, you can select anything from a tranquil relaxation spa to more casual environments where communal conversation is encouraged. If you prefer meditative silence, checking the practice at the resort in advance will be a good idea.

Additionally, knowing the rules regarding nudity during treatments and social spaces will be beneficial. The amount of clothes you choose to remove depends on your comfort level, and discussing this comfort level with your therapist will allow you to be on the same page before they begin.

Finally, check your overall bill to confirm whether a gratuity fee has been added or not. If it hasn’t been, it is polite practice to leave a tip to your therapist. It is a common way of saying thank you. Having good spa etiquette increases your enjoyment and allows you to return in the future happily.


It seems like an obvious thing to assume, but you want to make sure you are putting your trust in accredited professionals. For this reason, checking a facility’s licensing should be on your checklist.

You will feel instantly more relaxed knowing the spa you are going to be attending has safely passed all the necessary health and safety background checks required by law. Of course, if the facility offers more serious and invasive procedures, their requirements for a pass mark will become even stricter, even if you are not personally receiving this treatment. However, any medical procedure should be overseen by a licensed doctor, and you can request to confirm this information before beginning.

Stay Realistic

Finally, stay realistic about your expectations. While you may expect non-stop luxury from the moment you arrive until the minute you leave, these places are still run by human beings and should be graced with the space to make mistakes.

With the proper research, you can find a place that fits your needs, location desires, and budget, offering you an incredible experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.