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What are the Rules of Alcohol Consumption on a Cruise Ship?

What are the Rules of Alcohol Consumption on a Cruise Ship?

Do you plan to be on a cruise ship and wonder what it’s like to drink during your voyage? As a passenger or seafarer,

April 12th, 2023

Do you plan to be on a cruise ship and wonder what it’s like to drink during your voyage? As a passenger or seafarer, you must understand the drinking rules on cruise ships. That way, you can have a safe and enjoyable vacation.

If the serving crews have attended training like obtaining their RBS Certification to be qualified for their job, passengers should know the limitations and rules of the cruise line, as they vary from one cruise line to another.

With that in mind, this blog will discuss drinking rules on a cruise ship to raise awareness among passengers and servers. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

With so many things to see and do, just like drinking on the cruise, perhaps it would be easier to forget and stay hydrated. It’s not about the ice in the margarita that counts, but rather your water intake. So, you have to carry your refillable bottle for water and don’t worry because you can get the water at the buffet’s drink stations.

Never forget to pace yourself through that glass of water while drinking alcoholic beverages. Remember that if you’re dehydrated, you can get drunk and risk getting sick and even waking up with a hangover.

2. Know What You Like Right Before Getting to the Bar

We usually spend vacations standing in line, and wait outside the dining room, or boarding the ship. However, you don’t have to wait for someone who will let you understand the menu and ask a lot of questions about the drinks to the bartender.

If you are unsure what you like to order, perhaps you can look at the menu before you get in line. That said, you can have enough time to choose what you prefer.

3. Never Overpay for the Drinks

There may be many ways for you to get cheaper or free drinks when you are on a cruise ship. You may check with daily planners for the drink specials, like the happy hours of the day.

There are also some lines that host parties, where the servers would make rounds with their Champaign trays. Drinkers must also consider packages, whether it’s for daily rates or as a perk. Remember that just because you save money on the drinks doesn’t mean you must also order more than what you can consume.

4. Don’t save seats at the lounge or bar

Saving seats at the bar or lounge has no regard for other cruisers. It’s the one thing to hold for a seat for your companion if they need to step out for a while and use the bathroom. However, it will be rude to claim that a handful of seats for the group will not arrive for a half-hour or even more.

5. Don’t overdo

There’s always that one person who always drinks more than what he or she can handle. He may make a fool, or worse, and he could even start a fight.

Good thing alcohol servers usually have RBS Certification and are trained enough to deal with drunk passengers. It’s recommended that you limit yourself and always know when to stop. Perhaps you can assign a wingman or woman to guard you.

6. Be Open-minded

Honey, basil, and lavender are cocktail ingredients that must caught your eye. However, the downside is that it’s made with gin, that you can’t stand.

Don’t just settle for any other drink. Instead, ask the server or bartender to change the gin of your choice. They will tailor alcoholic drinks to your preference as long as you have requested liquor on hand. Also, you may try to be adventurous, as vacations are always an ideal time to try something that is new.

7. Never Let a Stranger Get You a Drink

You would agree that cruise ship bars are a great place for those who are singles to hang out and mingle. However, you should use the same precautions the way you would do at any bar.

You must ensure you will not accept any drink from people you don’t know, and you must be the one who will take the drinks from the hands of a bartender. Also, you should not leave your drink unattended.

8. Do not Buy Drinks for those Who are Underage

Most US-based cruise ships have a drinking age limit of 21 - even if sailing internationally. However, there are cruise lines that allow 18-20 years old to buy or consume alcohol, only with their parent's consent.

So, whatever the policy, the number one rule is that you shouldn’t buy a drink for a person below 21 years. If you disobey this rule, chances are you will face serious offenses, which includes forced disembarkation.

Wrapping Up

Following the rules and drinking responsibly while on a cruise ship could help you make that cruising experience fun and worthwhile. From not taking alcohol onboard to knowing your limits, you can guarantee you will have a good time and remain safe during the cruise. Keep all these rules and guidelines in mind, and you will enjoy all the perks and experiences the cruise ship offers.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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