Freyja Hanstein’s cookbook delves into the healing power of food, with an NHS-backed app that offers a 360 approach to wellness

Freyja Hanstein offers a candid insight into the inspiration behind her debut cookbook, Wholesome World, retelling her love story with her late husband Lars with warmth, to the point where he passed away from Synovial Sarcoma cancer in 2014. As if this wouldn’t be enough for one human to bear, Freyja was diagnosed with a brain tumour later that year, leading to her spending time in and out of hospital, having to contend with major surgery, as well as unpleasant symptoms.

Following brain surgery on the temporal lobe, Freyja was then put through post-op treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Freyja had to relearn how to speak, how to put sentences together; she couldn’t even remember her loved ones’ names at some points.

But out of these extremely testing circumstances, Freyja found a way to channel her energy into something truly beautiful; a nourishing cookbook called Wholesome World. In the upstairs room at Arthur Hoopers in bustling Borough Market, one of Freyja’s favourite restaurants in the city, Freyja allows me to sample culinary treats such as spiced baba ghanoush with seeded crackers, freshly squeezed turmeric and ginger juice with a warming kick, and the most delicious homemade jam; all recipes from Wholesome World.

All the recipes in her book are carefully researched and crafted from ingredients that have numerous health benefits, particularly when it comes to boosting immunity and warding off illnesses. Recipe highlights include beetroot, potato and horseradish rostis, fish tacos and summer salad and a deliciously-rich beef cacao stew.

During our meeting, I revealed how my own life had recently been shaken by a cancer diagnosis, with my mum having been diagnosed with breast cancer just weeks before our meeting. Kind-hearted Frejya insisted I took a copy of the book for my mum too, which she read cover to cover and started trying recipes from immediately. To know that she was cooking dishes that had the backing of experts as being nourishing and immunity boosting was a great comfort for her going through her treatment.

And it’s not just the book that can help those looking to pursue a healthier lifestyle – with or without a cancer diagnosis – there’s also an NHS-backed app to help you on your wellness journey through making better diet choices. As well as a library of recipes, the app offers nutritional insight and digital health links. You can download the app here.

Cancer is still very much a taboo, a word said in hushed tones, shrouded with fear. But the more we can openly talk about the disease that now affects one in two of us, the more we can talk about how we can change our lifestyle habits in ways proven to help fight it, the better. It’s commendable that Freyja is taking such a bold step in this direction, with a book filled with delicious recipes that everyone can enjoy.

Find out more and order your copy at Wholesome World

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