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1 Hotel Toronto: Why Luxury Addicts Flock to the Hotel

There are seven verifiably luxurious hotels dotted around Toronto. The Ontario hotspot is home to the Four Seasons, Hazelton, Ritz-Carlton,

There are seven verifiably luxurious hotels dotted around Toronto. The Ontario hotspot is home to the Four Seasons, Hazelton, Ritz-Carlton, Shangri-La, St. Regis, and Park Hyatt, all of which make it onto the Forbes Travel Guide for their luxury offerings. Most lean heavily on artistic décor, the finest amenities, views that take in the whole city and more. Still, the one that stands out on the list is 1 Hotel Toronto, and here’s why.

Everything is about sustainability and wellness

Opened in August 2021, the luxury hotel makes a huge stand on sustainability and wellness, with the theme of real wood and nature flowing through every room. In the spacious rooms designed to be welcoming, warm, and homely, you’ll appreciate the greenery dotted around each room and the stone bathrooms.

Much of what the hotel does adheres to being as sustainable as possible. The 1 Hotels sustainability page shows that they are LEED Certified, offset tonnes of CO2, and donate hundreds of thousands to charities worldwide. In the 1 Hotel Toronto, you’ll find the greener approach on full display, which has undoubtedly won over a lot of luxury-seekers. As well as the sustainably-sourced bedding preferred by modern travellers, the hotel offers free, high-powered Wi-Fi rather than energy-depleting entertainment centers.

Many hotels run 24-hour, neon-lit casinos on the side, but being in Ontario, 1 Hotel Toronto visitors can use the free Wi-Fi to access top entertainment platforms such as online casinos. As the Jackpot City review shows, over 650 top-class games are just a tap away. As it’s powered by Microgaming, all wins get paid, and better still, for those in Ontario, transactions can be conducted in Canadian dollars. Luxury-seekers will also be welcomed to the platform with up to CA$1,600 in bonuses.

As the internet can’t provide entertainment for everyone, there’s also a lot more to enjoy on-site. The pool deck overlooks the city and is perfect for a dip in the sun. There’s also a state-of-the-art gym, the Audi e-tron experiences, bike and hiking paths, and plenty of healthy dining venues.

Enjoying fine dining at its best

Carrying its theme of sustainability, 1 Kitchen Toronto is as luxurious as it is unique amid the modern space of high-end restaurants. The hotel’s restaurant sources fresh food from local producers, serving farm-to-table cuisine while promoting zero-waste. For diners, this results in a superbly varied menu throughout the year.

Alternatively, you could kick back in the Flora Lounge, which surrounds you with natural beauty. Coupling perfectly with the setting is an array of drinks and light bites that are fresh, colorful, and natural.

For those seeking an entirely different gastronomic experience, there is Casa Madera, which is a more traditional chef-driven luxury restaurant. From famed restaurateurs Noble 33, each dish on the menu is designed to be bold, flavorsome, inventive, and fresh, aligning with 1 Hotel Toronto’s organic and sustainable concept. Here, it’s all about the Mediterranean and Mexican culinary traditions. Finally, if you want great city views while enjoying seasonal light bites and wellness cocktails, head to Harriet’s Rooftop.

Given all of the incredible options and luxury standards, 1 Hotel Toronto could already rank among the best places to stay in the city. The fact that it leans so heavily into being sustainable, fresh, and promoting wellness gives it that extra edge to lure in the high-end clientele.