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5 Irish Gifts to Plan for This Christmas

5 Irish Gifts to Plan for This Christmas

5 Irish Gifts to Plan for This Christmas

October 24th, 2022

Christmas is coming, and whether you have Irish roots, your friends do, or you just admire all things Celtic and Irish, Irish gifts are sure to bring pleasure to those who receive them. Going for an Irish theme at Christmas also means choosing gifts that will be somewhat more imaginative than the usual boxes of chocolates and toiletries. At the same time, it’s really easy to pick out gifts, because just about any person is sure to find them useful and beautiful. Need some ideas for your Irish Christmas gifts? You got lucky right here.

1. Celtic-Style Jewelry

Irish-style jewelry is a perennial favorite that both men and women find attractive. And if you think that those designs look like something special, do a little research into Celtic art to find out where the ideas came from and what significance the designs have. For example, the Irish trinity symbol was important to both pagan and Christianized clets as a sign of the unity in nature and the unity between the father, son, and holy ghost.

2. Irish Knitwear

What could be a better Christmas gift than a snuggly sweater? Add the Irish Aran-style knitwear with its intricately cabled patterns, and you have a gorgeous gift with distinctively Irish roots. They’re also known as “fisherman’s” knits, because they originated in the Aran Islands where fishermen’s wives developed this unique style of knitting. It’s said that each woman had her own pattern, and it's certain that their husbands were better able to tolerate the hardships of bad weather at sea thanks to their efforts.

3. Galway Crystal

Magnificent Galway crystalware is famous around the world. Choose beautiful homeware or ornaments made using traditional glassblowing techniques - you can be sure it won’t end up at the back of a cupboard somewhere - it’s far too attractive for that. A set of Galway crystal glasses is the perfect gift for men who enjoy having friends over for a round of drinks, especially if they love Irish whisky, while the lady of the house is sure to love a real Galway crystal vase or serving bowl.

4. Belleek China

When Ireland was hit by the great potato famine, an Irish nobleman began a pottery industry based in Belleek that offered relief for his hard-hit workers. The pottery became famous for its fine finishes and intricate designs, and although antique Belleek pottery is incredibly expensive, choosing a new item needn’t be a costly exercise. From brooches to dinner services and from figurines to tea sets, Belleek pottery still lives up to its reputation for beauty and quality.

5. A Lucky Irish Penny

You’ve probably heard about lucky pennies. It’s an Irish tradition that giving a lucky penny brings luck to both the giver and the receiver of the gift. Of course, just giving someone a penny for Christmas isn’t going to cut it, but if you do want to share a special penny, why not choose an Irish penny set in the haft of a pocket knife? Getting luck for Christmas has got to be a fun thought, even if you don’t believe in this cute superstition.

Have a Merry, Irish Christmas

It’s perhaps a stereotype that nobody can be merrier than the Irish when they get into a celebratory mood. Nevertheless, adding an Irish twist to your Christmas gifts and decor is sure to add to your merriment. Why not serve an Irish-style Christmas dinner to round off your theme? Be sure to serve up an Irish trifle for dessert!

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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