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heat pump at home

8 Reasons to Install a Heat Pump at Your Home Right Away

Heat pumps work by transferring air from one place to another. In winter, they pump the warmth of the outdoors inside

Statistics show that heat pump sales have surpassed gas furnace sales in the USA—with 4.3 million heat pump units sold compared to 3.9 million natural gas furnaces sold.

You may hesitate to embrace this change if you’ve used traditional heaters for generations.

However, you don’t need to switch just because people tell you to. Instead, know about all the essential benefits listed below and decide for yourself!

1. They are energy-efficient and save money

Heat pumps work by transferring air from one place to another. In winter, they pump the warmth of the outdoors inside the house, and in summer, they pump the warmth of the indoor atmosphere into the outdoors.

Heat pumps transfer heat instead of generating heat. Thus, they save much more energy than other heating appliances, saving you money on energy bills.

So, if you are eager to save money, speak to a professional in Seattle heat pump installation right now.

2. They are eco-friendly

The most common type of heat pump – air-source heat pump – cuts down your household CO2 emission by about 40% compared to other options like gas furnaces and oil heating systems.

Heat pumps use clean energy, such as electricity, while traditional heating systems burn fossil fuels, which produce several greenhouse gases.

So, with this minute change, your entire household will significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

Heating oil is one of Seattle homes’ most expensive, polluting, and least efficient heating forms. Moreover, underground oil tanks get rusty, erode, and leak oil into the soil and groundwater.

In Seattle, the government also encourages people to switch to heat pumps. When you replace an oil heating system with a qualified heat pump system, you can get a $2000 rebate. If you’re based in Seattle, talk to the authorities to take advantage of this benefit!

3. They are two-in-one systems

Heat pumps work as both your home’s cooling and heating appliances. Since they work like two-in-one systems, you don’t have to invest in separate appliances. Thus, they save your money and the space needed to fit two different appliances. And there are no additional operating costs.

Moreover, since the heat pump can be used all year round, it saves electricity bills 365 days a year.

A heat pump is best for people who live in places with mild climates and want an all-in-one HVAC system.

4. They can improve indoor air quality

Since heat pumps don’t rely on the combustion of fossil fuels, they don’t introduce pollutants, like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, or particulate matter, to the indoor air.

Many models also have built-in air filtration features that trap pet fur, pollen, mold spores, dust, and other minute particles. Thus, they can reduce several health concerns, such as allergies, eye, nose, and throat irritation, asthma attacks, respiratory issues, and headaches.

They maintain optimal indoor humidity, not promoting mold/mildew growth.

Some heat pumps have advanced features of circulating fresh outdoor air indoors. This expels the stale air outdoors and ensures a fresh and clean atmosphere in your home.

5. They provide consistent heating and cooling

One of the greatest problems with traditional heating/cooling systems is uneven room temperatures.

This problem worsens if you choose the incorrect size of the system or don’t perform regular maintenance. Over time, the system loses efficiency, becoming a major issue.

Conversely, switching to a heat pump will create an evenly comfortable temperature in all areas of your house.

The consistent temperature also prevents condensation on your walls and windows, which in turn prevents mold growth from water droplets sitting on your surfaces.

6. They are not noisy

Traditional heating systems are noisy. The noise increases rapidly, especially when you want to increase or decrease your house temperature more than usual. This can negatively impact your lifestyle, sleep routine, focus, etc.

On the other hand, heat pumps are known to be quieter than traditional options. This is because the compressors of these systems are placed outdoors. So, even if a model creates some noise, it doesn’t enter the home.

Thus, you won’t have to worry about creating more noise when you want temperatures cooler or warmer than usual.

7. They are long-lasting

With ideal maintenance, heat pumps are known to have a much longer lifespan than traditional heating and cooling techniques.

Thus, you will need fewer maintenance sessions. This will save you much more money in the long run than inefficient options.

8. They come with zoning features

Some heat pump systems have “zoning” features, which allow you to control the temperature in different zones or areas of your room.

This helps you feel more comfortable and uses energy more efficiently. After all, you won’t lose energy by heating or cooling regions that no people occupy.


A heat pump will save you money and ensure better health and comfort. So, don’t wait any longer. Seek a professional and get one installed now!