London Cabaret Club

Set in the heart of Bloomsbury, London Cabaret Club is unlike any other show on the West End and offers a fully immersive experience unlike any other.

As soon as you step inside Victoria House, you enter the world of Great Gatsby. From the art-deco inspired motifs, classic cocktails, to the absolute showmanship of the performances, London Cabaret Club is certainly dinner and show with a difference.

Our evening’s theme was ‘All About Gatsby’ and started with aperitifs at the cocktail lounge. Here, you are welcomed with a cocktail of your choice and greeted by perfectly quaffed actors and actresses dressed in period clothing. A chanteuse serenades guests before they are led into the main ballroom, where the show gets ready to tantalise.

Playing fast and loose with the source material, what the show lacks in narrative accuracy it certainly makes up for in style. The singers filled the vast ballroom with their stellar performances, while the dancers chasséd and pas de bourreed the hell out of tha dazzling choreography, oozing enough charisma to reach even the furthest tables.

Each set was choreographed to outdo the last performance. Between aerial performances, doggy talent shows, tap dancing and acrobatics that would surely rival Cirque du Soleil, there was plenty to feast your eyes on at the London Cabaret Club.

The three course set menu celebrated classic British cuisine with a twist. We started off with amuse-bouche, followed by a smoked salmon starter then a fillet steak with chips, finishing with a delightful chocolate dessert. The meal, which was undoubtedly delicious, wasn’t exactly breaking any new ground in the culinary world, but what surely amazes at London Cabaret Club is that it offers an entertaining escape from the day to day.

So, you are looking for some escapism of your own, and maybe to time travel to the roaring twenties and really get wowed by a truly spectacular show, then we could not recommend London Cabaret Club more. After all, a little party never killed nobody?

For more info on the shows, or to get tickets, please visit The London Cabaret Club.

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