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Adding Luxury Elements to Your Home in Miami County

The beauty of homeownership is that you have the freedom to make changes to the property. These changes could be aesthetic upgrades,

The beauty of homeownership is that you have the freedom to make changes to the property. These changes could be aesthetic upgrades, functional home improvement projects, or a combination of both. Whenever you take on these projects, you are not only improving the home for yourself, but you are also increasing the value of the property which can benefit you if you sell in the future.

Buying a home in Miami County can be expensive, especially when the market is very competitive. You may not have the finances to make massive changes like building an addition or upgrading entire rooms. However, it is still possible to add luxury elements to your home one or two at a time to elevate your living experience.

When you have a restricted budget, you might feel like your options are limited for making luxury upgrades. But even the stingiest of homeowners can make strategic changes that make a big impact on the space. Let’s break down a few luxury elements that can be added to your Miami County home that you will love.

Brand New Front Door

The entryway to your home says a lot about you. It is the first thing that people will notice as they enter the property, searching for the way inside. While you may not have the budget for a large overhaul of the whole porch, new home entry doors can make a significant difference aesthetically. There are many styles to choose from which can be combined with statement colors to leave an impression on everyone who passes through the threshold or sees the entryway from the street. Plus, new doors can improve the efficiency of the home, reducing your utility bills.

Accent Wall

Color is a crucial interior design element that can impact the mood of everyone in the home. It also can make a statement about your style preferences. One very inexpensive way to increase the dynamism of your home’s color palette is to add an accent wall in a main room. For example, a family room with off-white walls could gain an entirely new atmosphere if one of those walls is painted with a bolder color like maroon, blue, or even dark grey. The resulting effect can elevate the entire space, all for the low cost of some new paint. This wall can also be used to bring focus to a particular piece of artwork or a fireplace in the room.

Hidden Storage Elements

Clutter in a home can have a negative effect on the overall atmosphere. Clearing up this clutter can be difficult if you do not have accessible storage space nearby. One luxury feature that can solve this problem is hidden storage. Not only does hidden storage clear up the clutter, but it also adds a small wow factor to the room. For example, using a mudroom bench that opens up to hold outdoor toys or clothing creates more space in the room without having to shove those things into a closet somewhere else. Sliding shelves in kitchen cupboards are another trendy option, with some having the ability to be affixed to a counter to create more temporary counter space. Luxury kitchen storage ideas can benefit the room both functionally and aesthetically.

Statement Features

While you may not have the budget for a full main floor renovation or a luxury home, you can still take advantage of budget-friendly luxury tips for your home. One of these strategies involves investing in statement features that will naturally draw the attention of everyone in the room. Vintage fixtures, sculptural chandeliers, bold artwork, patterned carpets, bold-colored furniture, and an oversized mirror are all examples of statement pieces that will draw most of the attention in the room, uplifting the aesthetics of the entire space.


Uplighting creates a powerful effect, whether it is used for exteriors or interiors. Most lights are either overhead or on stands/tables, which impacts where the shadows are directed. Uplighting can help highlight a specific feature, such as the exterior entryway to a home or a ceiling with beautiful crown molding. It can also cast unique shadows in the room at night, creating a festive glow that welcomes guests into the room. Using uplighting outside to highlight landscaping features can significantly boost curb appeal.

Think Outside the Box

Whether you have a lot of money to spend or are operating on a limited budget, luxury features are within reach for your home in Miami County. Even smaller elements like hidden storage or uplighting by the front garden can make a big aesthetic impact on the atmosphere of your property, while larger changes like an accent wall or new doorway can lead to an even more dramatic change. Browse through sites like Pinterest or Instagram to gain inspiration for adding luxury touches to your home.