A kidney disease diagnosis doesn’t mean the end of your travel dreams. Kidney disease patients can go on to live long, fulfilling lives doing the things they love. One of the most common treatments for kidney disease is dialysis, a process of removing waste and extra fluid from the blood.

One of the biggest concerns of those with kidney disease is that it’s impossible to travel while receiving regular dialysis treatments. Realize that dialysis doesn’t have to tie you down. There are a wide variety of travel options for those on dialysis, even those with later stages of kidney failure.

Both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients are able to travel as long as they take the proper steps before leaving home. Let’s talk about how you can make travel a reality even if you’re a dialysis patient.

Reclaim Your Life

One of the first worries that comes with a kidney disease diagnosis is that life has to stop. It’s up to you to reclaim your life, your passions, and your goals. As long as you have your doctor’s approval, there is no reason you can’t work and live your life as usual. The same applies to travel.

No matter what type of dialysis treatment you’re receiving, travel is possible with proper planning. It’s all about improving your quality of life, and that might mean expanding your horizons through travel.

If you’re on the fence about traveling with kidney disease, now is the time to go for it. Talk to your doctor and your clinic about travel with dialysis. They’ll be the best source for resources that can get you started planning your trip.

Planning Your Trip

The key to traveling with dialysis is to start planning as soon in advance as possible. Traveling in the off-season is ideal to avoid booking challenges (for individual and group enquiries). When you travel, you’ll likely need to visit a local clinic for dialysis treatment. Also, your home clinic will be able to help you secure the right travel documents and booking accommodations no matter where you choose to travel.

Use Booknowmed to locate quality clinics around the world and make your own appointments depending on your treatment needs. You can also use this website Many foreign clinics welcome visitor patients at their centers, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one that can fit you in while you’re traveling.

To make sure you’re not surprised by any unexpected costs, talk to your insurance about coverage while abroad. It might be worth purchasing travel insurance in case of an emergency, as well, though this won’t cover the cost of ongoing care with dialysis.

Planning will be your best friend. Prepare all of your medical records, prescriptions, and supplies for your trip. Learn the emergency medical numbers where you’re traveling just in case you need unexpected treatment.

Finally, review your dietary needs and your exercise plan to see if you’ll need to make any changes while on the road. Your doctor will be able to help with this step as well. As long as you start your planning early and work with your doctor, travel is not only possible but a reality.

Bon voyage! It’s time to start planning your trip. Whether you want to travel abroad or visit family in another state, don’t feel limited by your diagnosis. The world is yours to explore.


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