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Balancing Oversized Windows with Furniture Elements

Co-ordinating furniture and design elements around an oversized window is key to creating an eye-pleasing atmosphere in any room, creating proportionality.

Coordinating furniture and design elements around an oversized window is key to creating an eye-pleasing atmosphere in any room, creating proportionality. Balancing oversized windows Though it may take some trial-and-error to find what works for yours, the effort can pay off in spades!

Constant force window balances use stainless steel rolled coil springs similar to tape measures to retract into weight pockets in window frames and are the current standard offered by top window manufacturers in Canada.

Window Treatments

Oversized windows bring the outdoors inside and provide ample natural lighting, giving your interiors ample natural illumination. While oversized windows provide a wonderful way to show off family life to neighbors and showcase family photos to passersby, they may present privacy issues and damage furniture from direct sun exposure. Luckily, there are window treatments available to help balance oversized windows with furniture and design elements for an inviting space.

Your window treatment choice depends on its function; whether light filtering or adding a visual accent. Shades offer flexible control of natural light while blinds have adjustable horizontal slats that filter it further. Valances provide decorative accents at the top of windows in pleated, gathered or draped fabric forms that may also pair nicely with other window treatments such as made-to-measure curtains and drapes that add a luxe charm to the space and can live up to the grandeur of such oversized windows.  

Another way to create balance and detract attention away from an off-centre window is with decorative lighting fixtures that create new focal points within your space. Wall sconces or pendant lights placed on either side of the window will draw the eye into the room and help balance an otherwise off-centre window.

Accent Furniture

Home accent furniture pieces add flair and vibrancy to a room’s style and atmosphere, adding color or contrast. Many are designed for practical purposes such as a slim console table that enhances hallways or entryways; others may serve as showcases to display photos or mementos, or provide convenient storage solutions for household items.

As with a finely tailored outfit, a room would appear plain without its supporting cast of design elements. Even luxurious furnishings may seem dull without matching accessories to complement them.

Just as an accent mark adds emphasis to music or words in speech, using furniture and decor items strategically can draw the eye away from off-center windows. Lighting effects also can help balance and harmonize a room by diverting attention away from any imbalances caused by window positioning.

Although full-time furniture pieces like lounge chairs and coffee tables have long been at the centre of interior design, a new generation of unique accent furniture pieces has recently come into prominence. Ranging from handcrafted wooden benches to colourful painted tables with striking designs, these smaller pieces add character and personality to your living spaces – so be sure to choose pieces that reflect your style so your room feels uniquely your own!

Balancing Oversized Windows

Wall Art

Wall art can help draw the eye away from an off-center window while creating a focal point that brings balance to your room. Art can add color, texture and visual interest that might otherwise not exist around windows – select an artwork whose style and color scheme complement other design elements in your room, such as furniture or curtains.

When selecting wall art to balance an off-centre window, ensure it is large enough to fill the entire space visually and offers enough contrast with its background wall. Also, ensure it hangs at least 56 inches from the floor and eight to 10 inches above any furniture pieces in your room.

Accent furniture can also be an effective way to balance an off-centre window. As a rule of thumb, pieces that are evenly spaced from the window such as sofa and loveseat sets or chairs with side tables are best. Avoid placing large furniture against or near windows as this could block views, reduce natural lighting levels or hinder airflow into the space.

Lighting fixtures placed properly can help offset an off-centre window. Opting for lamps and wall sconces that share similar sizes and styles will create visual balance throughout the room.

If you’re looking for inspiration on the best curtain styles for small windows, check out this insightful article on House of Coco. Discover how to enhance your space with stylish curtains that maximize natural light and add a touch of elegance.


Furniture placement is key when it comes to creating a space with large windows, but other design elements can help as well. One way this is accomplished is with decorative lighting – hanging chandeliers or pendant fixtures in the middle of your room can serve as focal points and draw the eye away from an off-centre window.

Installation of wall sconces on either side of an oversized window is another effective way to balance it and create a sense of symmetry within a room’s decor. When selecting light fixtures for this purpose, make sure they complement both its size and shape to avoid an unbalanced appearance.

Accent furniture pieces such as bookshelves and end tables can help draw the eye away from an off-centre window by providing ample storage space for decorative pillows, picture frames and plants. Furthermore, adding chairs or ottomans with unique designs creates cozy reading nooks; furthermore, it should ensure that the furniture selected complements both the color and style of the window as well as other design elements in the room.

With a little creativity and intentional design, you can seamlessly integrate oversized windows into any space, creating breathtaking views and inviting atmospheres. Remember, balance is key – and it’s easier than ever to achieve with a variety оf design elements, from strategically placed furniture to stunning window treatments. So, embrace the light, explore your options, and watch your oversized windows transform into the crowning jewels оf your home! And good news – just іn time tо capture the changing seasons, prices have been updated for replacement windows in Canada, making achieving your dream window space even more accessible. Now get out there and design!