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The Best Curtain Styles for Small Windows

Best Curtain Styles for small windows should balance these needs effectively. It’s common knowledge in interior design that you always want to maximise the potential for natural light. When it comes to dressing small windows, this can pose somewhat of an issue. You still want to enhance the area, but you want to make it so that the windows can be left totally uncovered when necessary.

With a little care and attention, this is absolutely possible – let’s take a quick look at some of the best curtain styles for small windows.

Roman shades

If you’re concerned with saving space in your room, Roman shades can be a very effective way of covering your windows. When they’re raised, they lay on top of one another, creating the illusion that your window is even taller than it actually is. When lowered, they lay nice and flat against the window, blocking out pretty much all of the light, without protruding into the room very far at all.

Sheer curtains

For rooms where you just want a bit of privacy, or where you want to block out some of the direct sunlight, sheer curtains from somewhere like Woodyatt Curtains can be a wonderful solution. Made from incredibly thin fabric, you can’t quite see through them, but they let the majority of the light filter in from the outside. They provide an elegant, airy look, and can be combined with another, thicker curtain if you want to have even more control over the light that comes into the room.

Cafe curtains

For spaces such as kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, and even some living rooms, cafe curtains can be a great option.

These kinds of curtains are designed to cover only the bottom half or two-thirds of a window, providing light control and privacy while leaving a strip of light to come through the top part of the window. These kinds of curtains can make your small window seem a lot larger than it actually is, while still providing you with your light control needs.

Tie-ups and long curtain rails

Whatever curtain you choose to go with, if your windows are on the smaller side of things, it’s important to make sure that you’re able to draw them all the way back from the windows. A great way of doing this can be to use some nice tie-backs.

When you draw the curtains back, tie-backs ensure that the curtains are kept out of the way to the side, letting all the light in you could ever need. It’s also important that you install curtain rails that extend beyond the edges of the window frames, so that the curtains can be fully pulled to the sides.

It’s important not to think of dressing small windows as an insurmountable challenge, but instead rather as an opportunity. There are obviously plenty of different options to choose between, depending on what it is that you’re using the room for. From sheer curtains to Roman shades, we’re absolutely certain that with a bit of effort, you’ll be able to find a window covering that’s absolutely perfectly suited to your requirements.