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Best Things to Do in Las Vegas at Christmas

Experience the enchanting wonders of Las Vegas beyond the glittering lights, from immersive Nutcracker displays to futuristic adventures, creating memories that last throughout the seasons

Embark on a festive adventure as Laura Bartlett takes the reins to guide readers through the enchanting wonders of Las Vegas this Christmas season.

In her recent visit to the dazzling city, Laura unveils the holiday magic woven into iconic destinations like the Bellagio Hotel, where the Botanical Gardens transform into a Nutcracker dreamland.

In the glittering city that supposedly only needs one visit, I find myself debunking the myth on my third return to Las Vegas. 

Contrary to the belief that Vegas reveals all on the first encounter, I’m here to prove that there’s an abundance of hidden treasures waiting to be uncovered beyond the neon lights and slot machines. 

Picture me as your spirited guide through the city that thrives on extravagance and exhilaration as I share my tried and tested best things to do in Las Vegas at Christmas…

Bellagio Hotel – A Nutcracker Dreamland

Best Things to Do in Las Vegas

Embarking on a Christmas escapade, I found myself immersed in the enchanting realm of The Nutcracker at Bellagio Hotel, an experience curated by the brilliant minds of the Conservatory team. Lea Jonic, a vital member of the seasonal installation crew, provided insight into the meticulous artistry that transforms the 14,000-square-foot Botanical Gardens into a magical spectacle throughout the seasons. What stood before me was not just a holiday extravaganza but a year-round celebration of nature’s ever-changing beauty.

Lea shared the Conservatory’s commitment to sustainability, emphasizing that each season brings forth a new canvas. The expansive oasis becomes a showcase of inspiring sights, sounds, scents, and colours. With the seasons, the talented Conservatory team replants and repurposes living plant material, aligning with their dedication to both artistry and Mother Nature. The result is an ever-evolving masterpiece.

The crown jewel of my visit was The Nutcracker display, featuring the awe-inspiring Mighty Mouse King, a towering 30-foot figure crafted from diverse botanical materials. This larger-than-life masterpiece engaged in a pivotal battle with The Nutcracker Prince, captivating the imaginations of the 20,000 visitors who flocked daily to witness the grand story unfold.

From the majestic presence of four towering Nutcracker Drummers to the display of exquisite crystal chandeliers and 40 freshly adorned holiday trees aglow with over 125,000 lights, the Conservatory Holiday display was truly a spectacle to behold.

Immerse yourself in this enchanting experience, available for enjoyment throughout the year.

Price : FREE.

Illuminarium – Journey Into Winter Wonderland

Illuminarium beckons as a must-visit destination, offering an enchanting Winter Wonderland Spectacular that transcends the holiday season. This immersive experience takes you on an ever-changing journey, seamlessly transitioning from the enchantment of Christmas magic to the awe-inspiring landscapes of a futuristic fantasyland.

Within this extraordinary setting, prepare to be captivated by giant swinging Christmas bells, thrilling train rides weaving through wreaths, and other cinematic wonders. The meticulous attention to detail transforms the Illuminarium into a living canvas, making it a captivating experience for visitors of all ages. While the Winter Wonderland Spectacular is a definite highlight, the magic doesn’t end with the changing seasons.

Year-round, Illuminarium continues to offer a mesmerizing escape into various immersive worlds. Whether you’re exploring the surreal landscapes of a futuristic universe or stepping into other imaginative realms, the venue provides an ever-evolving array of experiences. Beyond the holiday-themed delights, immerse yourself in photo opportunities that capture the essence of each unique world.

Embark on a journey filled with laughter, joy, and the best things to do in Las Vegas for the entire family. Engage in family-friendly activities within the immersive wonders of Illuminarium, creating memories that transcend seasons.

Don’t forget to indulge in the delightful seasonal treats served at Lumin Cafe, ensuring that Illumination stands out as a year-round destination for unparalleled enjoyment in Las Vegas.

Price : Tickets cost £28 ($35).

Ice-skating at Cosmopolitan

While my personal ice-skating prowess remains untested, I discovered an equally enchanting experience at the Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan. Nestled high above The Las Vegas Strip, this holiday season hotspot transforms into a winter wonderland that goes beyond the ordinary. As the sun dipped below the horizon, I cozied up by the fire, crafting delightful s’mores, and indulged in the most magical view of the Las Vegas Strip.

For those seeking a festive touch, the Ice Rink offers a must-do activity in town. The 4,200 square feet of real ice invites skaters to glide beneath the glittering lights of Las Vegas, creating an atmosphere nothing short of magical. While staff stood ready to take orders from the brilliantly festive cocktail menu, my choice of a hot chocolate by the fire proved to be the perfect accompaniment.

Each holiday season, The Ice Rink at The Cosmopolitan not only provides an opportunity for skating enthusiasts to revel in the joy of gliding across the ice but also welcomes those who prefer to simply bask in the festive ambiance. Named one of USA Today’s 10 Best Ice Skating Rinks in North America, this winter wonderland ensures that the holiday spirit is alive and well high above the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

The best part? Ice skating admission includes all-day skating access and skate rentals, making it an accessible and delightful experience for all. Whether you bring your skates or use theirs, there’s no cost to enter Boulevard Pool and immerse yourself in the seasonal magic of The Ice Rink area.

Price : All-day skate rental costs £24 ($30).

The Sphere

Nestled among the iconic landmarks of the Las Vegas Strip, The Sphere stands as a testament to architectural innovation and futuristic design. Even before stepping inside its immersive wonders, the structure itself is awe-inspiring, adding a new dimension to the city’s skyline. With its futuristic facade and distinctive presence, The Sphere captures attention from every angle, making it a visual spectacle that seamlessly blends with the glittering lights of the Las Vegas night.

As I approached The Sphere, its colossal presence hinted at the extraordinary experiences that awaited within. The sheer magnitude of the structure became even more apparent when I realised that this architectural marvel is visible from various vantage points across the city. In fact, even as I landed at the airport, The Sphere’s futuristic silhouette welcomed me to Las Vegas, setting the stage for the adventure that awaited.

Navigating The Sphere’s immersive wonders, I embarked on a captivating journey with “Postcard from Earth,” a sci-fi journey that propelled me deep into the uncharted territories of our collective future.

“Postcard from Earth” delivered not just a show but an exploration that transcended the boundaries of conventional storytelling. The technologically advanced marvels within The Sphere provided a unique perspective on the interconnectedness of our lives, leaving me with a profound sense of wonder and a plethora of contemplative thoughts. As I exited The Sphere, I couldn’t help but marvel at the transformative power of immersive experiences, forever altering the way we perceive our place in the vast tapestry of the cosmos.

The Sphere is not just a destination; it’s a beacon of limitless possibilities, inviting all who encounter it to step into a realm where the extraordinary becomes the norm.

Price : Tickets start £55 ($69).

North Premium Outlets

Indulging my festive spirit in Las Vegas extended beyond the typical holiday activities to a realm where shopping became an art form. While my shopping list may have exclusively catered to self-indulgence—because, let’s face it, who can resist the allure of treating oneself during the holidays—Las Vegas North Premium Outlets® became my ultimate retail haven.

As I strolled through this airy, outdoor village-styled centre, the sheer variety of over 175 designer and name-brand retailers elicited a twinkle of delight in my eyes. Savings up to 65% every day on renowned brands like Kate Spade New York, Michael Kors, Pandora, Tory Burch, Coach, Nike, lululemon, and Burberry turned my shopping spree into a festive adventure.

Conveniently located just minutes from the heart of the Strip, Las Vegas North Premium Outlets® provided not only a shopping haven but also a convenient escape from the glitz and glamour of the city. Accessible by taxis, ride-shares, and public buses, this retail paradise became my go-to destination for a festive and fulfilling shopping experience in Las Vegas.

After all, what better way to celebrate the holidays than by gifting oneself the joy of fabulous finds at incredible discounts?

Museum of Illusion

Museum of Illusions Las Vegas

Embarking on a journey of wonder and illusion at the Museum of Illusions in Las Vegas added a touch of magic to my festive escapades. While not inherently Christmas-themed, the enchanting collection of perspective-changing rooms, enthralling installations, and spellbinding images provided a unique and captivating experience that resonated with the spirit of the season.

The museum is not just a visual feast but an educational journey into the science and artistry behind illusions. Each exhibit is carefully crafted to teach you that things are not always what they seem, emphasizing the fascinating ways our brains interpret visual information.

With interactive displays, mind-boggling challenges, and a whimsical atmosphere, the Museum of Illusions offers an escape into a realm where the boundaries of reality blur, leaving visitors with a newfound appreciation for the art of illusion. It’s a place where laughter, surprise, and discovery converge, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a break from the ordinary and an immersive adventure into the extraordinary.

Price : Tickets cost £23 ($28).

Holiday Magic Beyond the Strip: Year-Round Delights in Las Vegas

Embarking on this festive journey through Las Vegas has been nothing short of magical, and as the curtain falls on the enchanting tapestry of experiences, I’m left with a heart full of joy and memories that will linger long after the holiday season.

From the Nutcracker dreams at the Bellagio Hotel’s ever-evolving Conservatory to the immersive wonders of Illuminarium that transcend the changing seasons, and the heartwarming festivities at The Cosmopolitan’s Ice Rink—each destination has woven its tale into the vibrant fabric of Las Vegas.

The futuristic allure of The Sphere, the retail haven at North Premium Outlets, and the spellbinding illusions at the Museum of Illusions added layers of wonder to this festive adventure.

As I bid adieu to the city that never sleeps, I carry with me the knowledge that the best things to do in Las Vegas are not confined to a single season; they are timeless treasures waiting to be discovered year-round. Vegas, with its ever-evolving charm, promises a playground of endless delights for the curious soul.

Until we meet again, Las Vegas, may your lights continue to dazzle and your magic endure.