If you love music, dancing the night away, and meeting people you will never forget, there is arguably no better city to do all of it than Berlin. Here are the best nightclubs the Grey City has to offer.


Starting with a Berlin institution, Sisyphos is not a club you visit for a few drinks and a few hours of dancing with friends. The club is located in a former dog biscuit factory and offers massive indoor and outdoor space to explore and enjoy.

Remember to pack several disposables when visiting, though. The party starts on Friday, and the music and dancing stop the following Monday; it’s the perfect place to forget about the world for a weekend.


If you ask any local which clubs are their favorites, nine times out of ten, you will hear “KitKat.” This labyrinth of a club has half a dozen dance floors, swings, and a swimming pool, and its interior design is akin to something you would see in a fairytale.

Be prepared, though. KitKat is not for the faint of heart, but if you want to let loose for hours, there is arguably no better place to do than KitKat.


If you are looking for a bit more of an eclectic experience compared to the techno-heavy clubs, you need to visit Fitzroy. One of the newer clubs on the Berlin scene, Fitzroy prides itself on its variety, offering everything from live nights, to progressive pop and trance.

Fitzroy has become one of the most popular clubs in the city, and therefore, it is better to book tickets ahead of time. However, never fear; there are often a few dozen up for grabs on the night of most events.


If you want a quintessential techno party in the heart of Berlin, then look no further than OHM. Known to locals as the “younger sister” of club giant Tresor, this indoor-only club serves up hour after hour of dance music until the early morning.

With a relatively relaxed door policy compared to other clubs on this list, it can be regarded as a club for everyone, whether you are looking to enjoy a few drinks with friends, or dance the night away.



Another “every person” club is Monarch. Found behind an unassuming door in the city, it is frequented by both locals and tourists looking for a fun and relaxed club evening. While Monarch doesn’t have the same “hedonistic” feel as some other clubs in Berlin, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth visiting.

Playing a variety of music, from hip-hop to reggaeton and everything in between, if you arrive and they aren’t playing music you like, chances are that will change in a matter of minutes.

RSO Berlin

A little while ago, the legendary Berlin club Griessmuhle had to close its doors, leaving a gaping hole in the city’s club scene. However, RSO has revived the old club, and with a new name, comes a new chapter in its history.

Whale getting to RSO can be a bit of a trek, it is worth the effort. A techno-heads paradise, it is often packed to the brim with locals, making it the ideal spot to part like Berliners do.


With one massive dancefloor and a glass ceiling, you may not hear about it that often, but Heidegluhen is one of Berlin’s best-kept secrets on the club scene. With a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, the House music-centered club is a great alternative for those looking to move away from the more techno-heavy establishments.

What sets Heidegluhen apart from the rest is that it has more of a music festival feel to it, being closer to a house music stage than to a club.


Anomalie is where music and art collide, and you will see that from the moment you step foot into this incredible club. With a focus on hard techno, it can come across as a bit too mainstream for those who enjoy more progressive sounds.

However, Anomalie isn’t just about music, as it hosts art and photography exhibits, fashion shows, tattooing, and their famous Anomalie Art Point Markets. Even if you don’t enjoy clubbing at all, there is still plenty to do here.


A Berlin mainstay for over 30 years, no nightlife trip to the city is complete without stopping at Tresor. A favorite amongst electro-lovers from around the world, Tresor is the embodiment of the Berlin spirit and nightclub scene.



Finally, Berghain is a club known by many but experienced by very few. It is shrouded in intrigue and mystery due to its strict door policy and “no phones or cameras allowed” rule.

Designed to allow people to party however they want to without judgement is the mantra of the club, and with incredible music, tons of rooms, and plenty to do, Berghain is an experience like no other. Be prepared, though; the doorkeepers are famous for letting you in or turning you away with little to no reason, and plenty of people have spent more time trying to get in than actually enjoying the club.


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