Over time, social media has become an integral part of our lives. Billions of people have created accounts on different social media platforms. And most of them actively use them.

Social media is no longer only a place to connect with friends and family and follow celebrities. Instead, it has become a community builder, marketplace, entertainment hub, education resource, etc.

Everyone uses social media according to their unique needs and preferences. However, there isn’t everything good about social media. It’s also the home of scammers and hackers.

Scammers and imposters use social media. They harm people and pose a threat to their data and money. Also, many accounts spread misinformation to propagate or defame others.

Unfortunately, social media platforms are failing to control all these things. So, users themselves need to combat all these malpractices. As a social media user, if you want to avoid all scams and avoid falling prey to a fake news operation, check whether the person on the other end is real or operating a fake ID.

Here comes the main problem!

How to Find Out if an Account is Fake?

People are often scammed or fall prey to propaganda techniques because they fail to identify fake accounts. These days, scammers use different kinds of scamming techniques using fake accounts, and unfortunately, citizens don’t know about them. The question is: is there any authentic method that can help users verify social media accounts? Yes, there is. And that is using reverse image search engines!

How Reverse Image Search Tools Identify Fake Accounts?

Before answering the question, let’s familiarize ourselves with the reverse image search technique.

Reverse image search is a modern and more sophisticated method of searching for information over the internet. Using this technique, one can quickly locate the required data using images as input. Thanks to this search method, users are no longer confined to text-based queries. Instead, they have another much better alternative: search by image.

The reverse photo search tools use multiple subdomains of AI (artificial intelligence), including computer vision, machine learning, and deep neural networks. Together, all these technologies make image search tools more authentic and satisfy users’ needs.

When users upload their image queries to a trusted reverse image search tool, the tool analyzes all photo elements using AI technology. Then, it searches for similar content across the web and shows users all the web pages where the same or similar content is uploaded.

Coming to the main point!

If you want to check whether a social media profile is real or fake, upload the photo to a reverse image search tool. Within a few moments, you will have links to all the web pages and open social media profiles with the same photo. Check them, and you will quickly analyze which of them are real and which are fake. It’s that much simpler. You don’t need to do anything else or ask people about the profile. Just one photo search using a sophisticated image search tool is enough.

Best Reverse Image Search Tools

Analyzing the popularity of reverse image search techniques, many companies have built their own image search tool. However, not everyone is trustworthy; some fail to analyze photos, and others show irrelevant results. Thankfully, a few reverse photo search tools provide the most relevant and authentic results against users’ queries. Here they are!

● Google Lens

Google is undoubtedly the trendsetter and industry leader in the search engine world. Google uses the most advanced algorithms to satisfy users’ all kinds of needs regarding information. The same is the case with Google Lens. It’s arguably one of the best reverse image search tools available online. Google Lens is an accurate, easy-to-use, and feature-rich reverse photo search tool that most netizens prefer over its alternatives. Try this tool; you will definitely love it.

● Yandex

Yandex is another popular and reliable reverse photo search tool. It’s also a great search engine that facilitates users in different ways. Although it’s not as popular as Google, when it comes to the precision of results, it’s not less than any other search engine. In fact, many consider Yandex better than Google Lens. That’s why, no matter what search engine they prefer for textual queries when they want to perform an image search query, they directly land on Yandex.

● Search by Image

Search by Image is an underrated reverse image search tool that is no less than any other platform. Its unique working style makes it more compact and useful for a wider audience. What gives an extra advantage to this reverse image search tool is its diversity of results. This tool fetches results from multiple search engines and shows all of them to users. That’s its real strength, as users don’t need to use various search engines to get the desired results.


Thanks to reverse image search technology, debunking fake social media profiles is only a few clicks away. Users can protect their data and save themselves from various types of scams by using them. However, for that, they only need to use trusted search engines. Otherwise, they may not differentiate between real and fake profiles.


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