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Climbing Kilimanjaro

Climbing Kilimanjaro : Hike Africa’s Highest Peak Kilimanjaro

Located in Tanzania and within Kilimanjaro National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro stands tall as the highest peak in Africa and is a bucket-list destination


Located in Tanzania and within Kilimanjaro National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro stands tall as the highest peak in Africa and is a bucket-list destination for adventure seekers from all over the world. With its breathtaking scenery and variety of trekking routes, Kilimanjaro offers an unforgettable experience for those willing to take on the challenge. And for a safe, high-quality and comfortable excursion, Climbing Kilimanjaro is the top tour operator to choose, earning the #1 spot on Tripadvisor.

Where is Mount Kilimanjaro?

Situated near the town of Moshi, Mount Kilimanjaro towers over the northern border of Tanzania. The Kilimanjaro International Airport is the main point of entry for travelers embarking on their journey to conquer this natural wonder.

Different Routes to the Peak

At Climbing Kilimanjaro, we offer a variety of routes to suit the different preferences and skills of our clients. The Marangu or “Coca-Cola” route is a popular choice for those seeking a slightly easier ascent, with cozy huts for accommodation along the way. The more challenging Machame or “Whiskey” route is known for its steep inclines and stunning views. For a more tranquil and secluded experience, the Lemosho route is favored for its pristine environment and longer duration, allowing for better acclimatization.

Why Choose Climbing Kilimanjaro?

Investing in a Kilimanjaro expedition with Climbing Kilimanjaro comes at a cost, ranging from $2,000 to $2,300 per person. But with that investment, you get expert guides, top-quality gear, comfortable lodging, and delicious meals, making it worth every penny. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable staff, including wildlife guides, ensures a safe and enjoyable journey to the summit.

Why Climbing Kilimanjaro Stands Out

Climbing Kilimanjaro has earned a reputation for consistently delivering exceptional service and experiences. Our knowledgeable staff and top-of-the-line equipment prioritize your safety and comfort. And our commitment to excellence has garnered us top reviews on TripAdvisor, earning us the #1 spot among Kilimanjaro tour companies.

Add a safari For an even more unforgettable adventure, Climbing Kilimanjaro offers the perfect combination of trekking and wildlife exploration with our Kilimanjaro and Tanzanian Safari package. After conquering the peak, relax and unwind on a safari through Tanzania’s world-renowned national parks, home to an array of magnificent animals.

Join the Adventure

For those looking for a group experience, Climbing Kilimanjaro offers group tours every two to three days. This provides a chance to meet fellow travelers and share in this life-changing adventure up Africa’s highest peak. So why wait? Book your Kilimanjaro journey with Climbing Kilimanjaro today and make your dream of standing on the “Roof of Africa” a reality. Let us be your trusted guide on this epic journey to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.


There are few experiences that can match the thrill of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa. With its breathtaking views and challenging yet rewarding treks, it is a journey that should not be missed. And with Climbing Kilimanjaro as your guide, you can rest assured that your safety, comfort, and enjoyment are our top priorities. Join our group tours or plan a private expedition and let us help you create unforgettable memories on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Don’t wait any longer, book your Kilimanjaro excursion today with Climbing Kilimanjaro and scale Africa’s highest peak!