#CocoCouples : Why Time In A Recording Studio Is The Ultimate Date

Here at House of Coco we listen to our readers and we like to give you exactly what you want. You asked us to find more cool, quirky things for couples to do and so we have launched #CocoCouples, the only series you need to follow (aside from Power on Netflix) in order to make sure you are taking your dates to the next level. 

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Red Letter Days who have some of the best experiences on offer to make sure you have the most memorable dates with your loved ones. Our Editor, Laura Bartlett, recently checked out their offering and opted for one of the less obvious experiences…

When I went on the Red Letter Days site I have to admit, as someone who has a real need for speed, I was totally tempted to try out the Supercar day. However, I didn’t want to take my partner on a cliche date and so instead I opted for the Studio Experience, and my god am I glad that I did!

There’s options to have the studio time in different locations around the UK but I chose my home town of Leeds which meant we were at the Beat Street Studios. Arriving on a Sunday morning, armed and dangerous with our ridiculous song lyrics and backing track that we had thrown together in a haze of laughter, we were greeted by a super talented producer named Oliver who was on hand to make sure we didn’t make total fools of ourselves. It was a three hour session, most of which was spent altering the tone of my voice to make sure that it wasn’t only dogs that could hear me, and the time flew by.



Oliver told us stories about how he recently produced a song with Levi Roots, talk about having something to live up to! But, we weren’t phased, we were just there to have some fun, throw down a track and create memories that are going to last, or haunt us, for a life time!

If you want to have some fun with your partner then I totally recommend booking a studio session, it’s something that will have you not only stepping outside of your comfort zone but having something to look back on in years to come as you leave with a fully fledged CD to play to all of your family and friends, if you’re brave enough!


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