Hands down, one of my favourite movies of all time is Pretty Woman. I was probably far too young to watch it when I first fell in love with the enigmatic romance of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere on screen, but ever since, the story of unlikely love and dreaming of the fairy tale has stuck with me. So, when I was treated to seeing Pretty Woman the Musical on stage this December at The Savoy Theatre on the West End, I couldn’t wait to see its brilliance brought to life on stage.

As a drama graduate and scriptwriter, I am aware of the trappings of adaptations and how a certain spark of the original can be lost through reinterpretation. Would it still be the telling of Edward and Vivian’s week-long happenstance turned into forever? Would I still be able to quote “BIG MISTAKE, HUGE!” and every other line I use far too much? The answer was yes, and even more!

First developed for Broadway, Pretty Woman the Musical doesn’t shy away from the original script and builds upon the original narrative with grace, humour and meaningful lyrics that seem to have always fit the part. But the lead, Aimie Atkinson, playing Vivian Ward, stole the show. I didn’t believe anyone could quite top the performance of Julia Roberts in the film, but honestly, I feel like Atkinson knocked it out of the park so well that I could have watched and listened to her for hours on end. She conveys Vivian with depth, tenacity, and complete raw wit that you’ll want her to rescue you right back by the end of the show.

If you’re planning a trip to London soon, I could not recommend seeing Pretty Woman the Musical enough. It’s a fun night out in an intimate setting where every seat in the house guarantees a fabulous time.

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Demi is an aspiring TV & Film writer who is currently studying for a PhD in screenwriting. She works as a freelance writer and loves exploring locations that have been made famous on our screens.

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