It was all about the show-stopping theatrics at the O2 Arena in London thanks to a stupendous performance from Muse. In a year of standout live shows, Muse put on a thrill-a-minute set that reiterated why they are such an incredible live act.

With an intriguing and visceral theme that fused elements from futuristic sci-fi artwork, dystopian visuals reminiscent of Mad Max, flames that were furiously shot out from canons on the side of the stage, fake snow, streamers, confetti and of course, rock star lasers (rock lasers!)

Muse performing in masks at the O2 Arena in London
Muse performing in masks at the O2 Arena in London

Whilst Muse have been no strangers to a grandiose and extravagant display, their ‘Will Of The People’ tour has infinitely taken things to a new level.

Even if you look beyond the pyrotechnics and the intriguing robot masks, Muse meant business with their high octane show which was filled with anthemic crowd-pleasers as well as a few deep cuts which coupled with a viscerally rich stage production delivered a stirring and theatrical display.

The energetic and exhilarating night of music was expertly started by the brilliant Nova Twins who were Muse’s fantastic support act. The dynamic duo are a formidable tour de force and they delivered a slam dunk set welding their guitars as if their life depended on it.

The Nova Twins have such a distinctive sound and whilst they take influences from rock, rap, grime, punk and more, they are essentially almost genre-less in their approach. What is evident is the duo’s evident chemistry, driving bass lines and crystalline vocals and stage presence where they effortlessly executed tracks like ‘Cleopatra’, ‘Choose Your Fighter’ and ‘Taxi’.

The energy from The Nova twins set the standard for the night and this led to one of the best gigs from the powerhouse trio that they have ever performed. The set was chock-full of Muse hits from their career-spanning three decades in the music industry, but in typical Muse style albeit with a few surprises into the bargain.

Taking to the expansive stage with mask and leather hoodie to ‘Will of the People’, the trio quickly segued into the barnstorming ‘Hysteria’ and ‘Will of the People’, the set was a stylistic masterclass in lyricism and performance which demonstrated the bands prowess in delivering driving rock anthems and why they are such a tour de force in musicality and are such consummate musicians.

With standout performances such as an explosive ‘Knights Of Cydonia’, ‘Supermassive Black Hole’, ‘Compliance’ and a mesmerising rendition of ‘The Dark Side’, Muse delivered a sucker punch of a scintillating set which also included ‘Plug In Baby’, ‘Kill Or Be Killed’ and a soaring version of ‘Starlight’.

It was great to see several tracks from 2003’s ‘Absolution’ which included an emotionally-charged ‘Time is Running Out’, a rousing edition of ‘Apocalypse Please’.

It’s staggering to believe that just three individuals plus one other can make such an unbelievably supercharged set that really showcases the band’s undeniable musicianship and star power.

They had the crowd in the palm of their hand and the energy shared between them and the sold out crowd was palpable and even exceeded the electrifying pyrotechnics that were on display.

The rock band closed their show with Knights of Cydonia from their fourth studio album ‘Black Holes and Revelations’

This was an absolutely extraordinary performance which took fans on a totally immersive and electrifying journey that was absolutely first-class.


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