The sky’s the limit when it comes to putting on a phenomenal show in London’s Hyde Park, especially when you are two of the most successful solo female artists in the world 

Case in point – Gwen Stefani and Pink who put on two incredible sets at BST Hyde Park on Sunday evening.

As the sun set over the iconic cityscape, the sold out crowd were captivated by two stellar performances after being treated to a series of fantastic performances from artists like Lyra, Tinashe and Valencia Grace.

Gwen Stefani has always been an exceptional performer and her joyful set which included her sharing the stage with some inflatable bananas was no exception.

This was Gwen’s first UK gig in over 16 years and both her vocals and performance were faultless.

Her energy and stage presence was mesmerising and her set proved not only what a powerhouse she is, but also what a great songwriter she is with tracks like ‘Cool’, ‘Underneath It All’ and the 90’s track that still is as relevant today as it ever was – ‘Just a Girl’.

Gwen Stefani at BST Hyde Park
Gwen Stefani at BST Hyde Park

As a teenager of the 90’s, No Doubt’s ‘Tragic Kingdom’ was one of my most-listened to CD’s (yep – CD’s kids!) and hearing Gwen sing tracks like ‘Sunday Morning’, ‘Hella Good’ and ‘Spiderwebs’ which effortlessly sat alongside No Doubt’s cover of Talk Talk’s ‘It’s My Life’ and Gwen’s brand new track ‘True Babe’.

It’s clear that London holds a special place in Gwen’s heart. The music of No Doubt was highly influenced by British bands and as she told the crowd she used to live in the UK, so it was evident it meant a lot to the Californian native to be here.

From one magical set to another, Pink left the 70,000 strong crowd absolutely speechless several times over throughout her standout set. It’s infeasible to think of  another singer who remains pitch-perfect throughout whilst at the same time performing gravity-defying acrobatic stunts.

Kicking off proceedings with a mash up of ‘Get the Party Started’ and ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Eurythmics, Pink elegantly launched herself via a bungee onto the colourful stage, resplendent in a glittery pink leotard.

If getting the party started in the most unforgettable style was high on the agenda, then Pink unequivocally smashed the agenda into smithereens with a dynamic and mind blowing display. Now, that’s how you make an awe-inspiring entrance!

Pink at BST Hyde Park
Pink at BST Hyde Park

This crowd pleasing action was not a standalone piece of performance art throughout the set at BST Hyde Park. I felt bloody tired just watching her and despite the jaw-dropping acrobatics, Pink’s vocals were not compromised one iota.

The visuals weren’t exclusive to Pink’s epic stunts as fans were treated to striking visual displays of whimsical palm trees, giant ice creams and yet even more inflatable bananas (most likely donated by the lovely Gwen)

Emotive and vulnerable, whilst at the same time powerful and commanding, Pink’s vocals were first class and beautiful. ‘Trustfall’ and ‘Just Like A Pill’ were exquisitely done and showcased her prowess as an aficionado of pure pop perfection.

The beauty of Pink is that her slower-paced songs have as much impact as her more dance-worthy numbers. ‘Cover Me In Sunshine’ was stunning and Pink was joined on stage by her daughter Willow which made for a touching moment.

The gorgeous and melancholy ‘Kids In Love’ which was written by a Swedish folk duo, First Aid Kit was another outstanding moment.

Pink took a well-deserved breather from all the circus-centric antics to play piano on a beautifully-reimagined version of ‘Make You Feel My Love’ by Bob Dylan which led to an unexpected marriage proposal for one unassuming audience member.

Pink’s love and appreciation for her fans is unparalleled and she regularly interacted with members of the crowd – wishing people happy birthday to sharing helpful tips as to what makes a happy marriage (authentic apologies for those wanting to keep that on the back burner as and when this is required)

From the visceral ‘Turbulence’ (complete with yet even more aerial antics) and the dance remix of ‘What About Us’ to an acoustic version of ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’ and an unforgettable finale of fan favourite ‘So What’, Pink gave everything she had and left that (and more) on the stage.

An absolutely electrifying show from start to end, this was a high-energy, creative masterclass in showmanship and why Pink is one of the most spectacular performers of her generation.

Photo Credits: Dave Hogan / Hogan Media


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