In the enchanting realm of jewelry design, Sara Chujun Li stands as a luminary, weaving tales of elegance and beauty through her creations. Hailing from China, Sara’s journey into the world of jewelry began over a decade ago, sparked by a passion ignited during her collection of minerals. Born into a medical family, Sara’s upbringing cultivated a keen eye for detail, a trait that would later blossom into a distinctive style in the world of adornments.

Against the backdrop of her unique understanding of artistic aesthetics, Sara founded her own jewelry brand, LA LUNA, a name echoing the celestial inspiration that guides her designs. Her creations seamlessly blend influences from decorative art with graceful symmetry, creating jewelry that is a harmonious dance between vintage charm and modern allure. Each piece is a testament to Sara’s dedication to infusing charm and exquisite craftsmanship into every design.

Sara’s pursuit of excellence led her to refine her skills at prestigious institutions, including the Savannah College of Art and Design, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and Sotheby’s. Recognizing her exceptional talent, the Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA) awarded her a scholarship for design and creativity. Beyond the realms of traditional craftsmanship, Sara delves into spiritual growth and mysticism, elements that now resonate within the very essence of her brand.

Her creations are more than jewelry; they are vessels of energy, carrying the weight of her unwavering pursuit of life and art. Sara’s journey extends beyond the physical forms of jewelry; she aspires to enhance the elegance of those who wear her signature pieces. A symphony of colors, materials, and evolving forms characterizes her design works, epitomized in the iconic Lozenge collection. Ingeniously elevating traditional craftsmanship, Sara interweaves intricate diamond-shaped details with the magic of gemstones, creating pieces that transcend mere adornments.

Through each creation, Sara Li communicates a profound pursuit of life, art, and refinement, transforming her jewelry into enduring treasures that transmit energy and beauty. Her designs are a testament to the delicate balance between her passion for abstract art and her sensitivity to the evolutionary patterns of geometric shapes, defining her as a trailblazer in the world of jewelry craftsmanship. Sara Chujun Li is not just a designer; she is a storyteller, using her art to illuminate the elegance that resides in every turn of life’s tapestry…

Your Lozenge Akoya Pearl Collection: A Sweet Inspiration

The Lozenge Akoya Pearl Collection is inspired by the sweet yet powerful essence of diamond-shaped candies. Can you share the story behind how this inspiration translates into your jewelry designs, embodying the strength and independence of women?

The Lozenge Akoya Pearl Collection draws inspiration from diamond-shaped candies, reflecting not just their appearance but also the dual nature of sweetness and healing power. Similar to the women I’ve encountered, these candies embody a duality that is both sweet and powerful. The design incorporates soft curves reminiscent of the candies, symbolizing sweetness, while the structural integrity of the diamond shape represents inherent strength. It’s a delicate balance that mirrors the intricate equilibrium women maintain in their lives.

My mom, in her 60s, served as a significant inspiration. A specific piece in the collection reflects her ability to transition seamlessly between a sweet, almost innocent demeanor to a powerful, in-control woman. The design incorporates delicate pearls symbolizing sweetness, intricately intertwined with bold, angular elements representing strength. It’s a tribute to her and women like her who effortlessly navigate various aspects of life with grace.

Art Deco Fusion: Timeless Pieces with Vintage Charm

The Art Deco style is a distinctive feature of your designs. How do you blend mechanical lines and modern architectural design aesthetics to create timeless pieces with a vintage charm?

The Art Deco style serves as an endless well of inspiration for my creative process. In my designs, I strive to seamlessly fuse mechanical lines with contemporary architectural aesthetics. The key lies in crafting a unique design language that harmoniously marries mechanical elements with the classic beauty of pearls. For instance, I draw inspiration from iconic buildings in bustling metropolises like New York, merging the power of the urban landscape with an inherent sense of elegance.

In each creation, I place a strong emphasis on maintaining fluid lines and balanced proportions, ensuring that the design retains a modern edge while exuding the rich ambiance of Art Deco. Through meticulously chosen materials and impeccable craftsmanship, my goal is to produce jewelry that is both classic and fashion-forward. It’s a tribute to the brilliance of bygone eras, coupled with a unique interpretation of contemporary aesthetics.

This process goes beyond mere mechanical fusion; it involves a profound understanding and reinterpretation of aesthetic elements. As a result, each piece becomes a one-of-a-kind, personality-infused work of art, conveying a charm that resonates with both the ancient and the modern.

“La Luna”: Capturing the Power and Grace of Femininity

“La Luna” is inspired by the goddess of moonlight, symbolizing the power and grace of femininity. How does this inspiration reflect in the gentle, beautiful, and romantic qualities of your jewelry creations?

“La Luna” draws inspiration from the celestial grace of the moonlight goddess, symbolizing the inherent strength and exquisite elegance of femininity. This inspiration is meticulously woven into the fabric of our jewelry creations, manifesting in the tender, beautiful, and romantic qualities of each piece.

In our design journey, we deliberately chose high-quality “little light bulb” pearls to represent the moon. Whether basking in the brilliance of sunlight or enshrouded in darkness, these pearls exude a steadfast, gentle glow akin to the serene radiance of moonlight. This choice pays homage to the unique luminosity of the moon, embodying the tender, healing, and tranquil qualities epitomized by the moonlight goddess—qualities that coexist with a formidable strength comparable to that of the sun.

Our creations boldly exhibit a strong sense of linearity, yet they unfold in a soft, fluid manner, echoing the tenacity, flow, and graceful beauty intrinsic to feminine strength. We are devoted to celebrating the multifaceted nature of women, offering jewelry that resonates on a profound emotional and aesthetic level. Each piece is a unique narrative, blending the mystical power of the moon, delivering not just jewelry but a tribute to the power and beauty of womankind.

Vintage Ornamentation Meets Architectural Aesthetics

Your brand seamlessly blends vintage ornamentation with architectural aesthetics. Can you elaborate on how this fusion results in jewelry pieces that are both exquisite and striking, capable of elevating any look instantly?

Our brand’s aesthetic prowess lies in adeptly extracting the most classic and representative elements of classical decorative arts. Classical decorative elements endow our pieces with timeless charm and exquisite details, while clean lines, geometric shapes, and structural elements influenced by iconic architecture infuse a sense of modernity and avant-garde flair. The harmonious fusion of these two design elements ensures that each piece strikes a perfect balance—melding the old with the new, classical with contemporary.

Our jewelry collections are a series of meticulously crafted and visually arresting masterpieces. The amalgamation of classical and architectural elements ensures that each piece becomes a captivating topic, capable of instantly elevating any look. Whether savoring the intricate details reminiscent of bygone eras or embracing bold geometric lines inspired by modern architecture, our jewelry stands as a distinguished representative of individuality and refined taste.

This skillful amalgamation transcends trends, endowing our pieces with timeless elegance and versatility. Whether paired with casual attire or formal wear, our jewelry effortlessly enhances the overall aesthetic, presenting a bold and enduring statement.

Meticulous Material Selection: Crafting Laluna’s Mystical Radiance

Your meticulous selection of materials and gemstones is evident in the exceptional quality of Laluna Jewellery. Can you share the process behind choosing premium Akoya pearls and moonstones, and how they contribute to the mystical radiance of your pieces?

For our Akoya pearls, we embark on a thorough selection process that begins with sourcing from reputable suppliers known for their commitment to quality. Each pearl undergoes a meticulous examination, considering factors such as luster, surface quality, size, shape, and color. We prioritize pearls with a brilliant luster and a smooth, flawless surface to ensure that they meet our stringent standards.

Moonstones, known for their enchanting play-of-color, are chosen with equal care. We focus on sourcing high-quality moonstones with a captivating adularescence—the ethereal glow that appears to move across the surface as the gem is viewed from different angles. This mesmerizing phenomenon adds a mystical and otherworldly quality to our pieces.

The synergy between premium Akoya pearls and moonstones is a carefully curated aspect of our design process. Each gem is strategically placed to complement and enhance the unique qualities of the other. The radiant glow of Akoya pearls, with their subtle iridescence, harmonizes with the ethereal shimmer of moonstones, creating a captivating interplay of light and shadow.

Our dedication to using only the finest materials ensures that Laluna Jewellery exudes unparalleled quality and radiance. The combination of premium Akoya pearls and moonstones not only contributes to the aesthetic allure of our pieces but also adds a touch of mystique, making each creation a testament to the enchanting beauty found in nature’s treasures.

Diamonds: Symbolizing Faith and Independence

Diamonds are a key element in your designs, representing unwavering faith and independence. How do you ensure that each piece stands out prominently, capturing the dazzling brilliance of diamonds and making the wearer stand out in any setting?

Diamonds play a pivotal role in our designs, symbolizing unwavering faith and independence. Ensuring each piece stands out prominently, capturing the dazzling brilliance of diamonds, is a meticulous process that demands both artistic vision and technical precision. We selectively source natural diamonds from reputable suppliers known for ethical practices and quality standards, with a clarity of VS and color in the F-G range. Our goal is to create jewelry that not only symbolizes unwavering faith and independence but also captivates with its radiant beauty, making the wearer stand out in any setting, be it casual or formal.

New York Essence: Complexity and Modernity

Laluna Jewel was founded in New York, a city known for its complexity and modernity. How has the essence of New York City influenced the simplicity and exquisiteness of your jewellery designs?

LALUNA Jewel was founded in New York, a city renowned for its complexity and modernity, deeply influencing the simplicity and exquisite beauty of our jewelry designs. The lifestyle of New Yorkers, characterized by diversity and vitality, has shaped a style that is both rich in historical significance and exceptionally modern. This energy infuses an eclectic touch into our designs, creating jewelry that resonates with the vibrant spirit of urban life in New York through a fusion of influences, styles, and materials.

The fast-paced urban lifestyle has also impacted the practicality and versatility of our designs. Meticulously crafted, our jewelry seamlessly transitions from day to night, reflecting the dynamic nature of New York life. The simplicity in our designs reflects a sense of practical elegance, aligning with the efficiency required in a bustling metropolitan environment. Each piece of jewelry is a unique tribute to the spirit of New York City, capturing its distinctive blend of history, innovation, and vitality.

Simplicity and Perfection: A Delicate Balance

Your jewellery is described as routine yet perfect for any occasion. Can you elaborate on how you strike a balance between simplicity and perfection in your designs, making them versatile and suitable for various settings?

Simplicity, to us, is the art of distillation – extracting the purest form of beauty from essential elements. In our designs, clean lines, minimalist forms, and a focus on fundamental details form the foundation of simplicity. This allows our jewelry to effortlessly complement routine wear while maintaining an understated charm.

Bold Color Contrasts: Making a Striking Statement

Incorporating bold color contrasts is a unique aspect of your designs. How do these contrasts enhance the overall aesthetic and visual appeal of Laluna Jewellery, creating a captivating experience for the wearer?

Color contrasts inject a dynamic energy into our designs, elevating them beyond the conventional and making a bold statement. The juxtaposition of vibrant hues adds depth and dimension, creating a visually striking effect that draws attention and sparks intrigue. This deliberate use of contrasting colors is not only visually appealing but also serves to highlight the unique personality and character of each piece.

Elegance in Lines: The Artistic Profundity of Laluna Jewellery

Your designs reflect a strong sense of lines. How do these lines contribute to the elegance and sophistication of Laluna Jewellery, creating pieces that are not only visually appealing but also artistically profound?

Emphasizing clear lines in LALUNA Jewel is a thoughtful design choice that adds elegance and refinement to our jewelry. These lines enhance overall aesthetic appeal, providing a sense of clarity and precision. They not only captivate visually but also engage intellectually, symbolizing a deep consideration for form and function. Additionally, the architectural precision of these lines enhances wearability, ensuring our jewelry is both practical and beautiful.

Memorable Moments: The Unforeseen Charms of Jewelry Crafting

Can you share a memorable experience or encounter that profoundly influenced your approach to jewellery design, shaping the ethos of Laluna Jewellery?

Creating jewelry has always been a powerful medium for conveying memories and emotions. Throughout the process of crafting jewelry, I’ve often encountered instances where the final piece deviates significantly from the initial expectations, sometimes even embracing unexpected twists. Yet, it is precisely these unique surprises that transform ordinary pieces into special moments, infusing them with additional meaning.

In our creations, we seamlessly weave in numerous emotional resonances and stories, expressing a deep appreciation for the present and hopeful anticipation for the future. Each piece of jewelry is more than a mere item; it encapsulates a story filled with memories and emotions, becoming a witness to those special moments. During the creative process, I’ve come to realize that it’s the unforeseen changes that render each piece truly unique, radiating a distinct charm. This pursuit is a celebration of life’s authenticity and beauty, a profound understanding of emotional connections in jewelry crafting.

Empowerment and Femininity: Core Principles of Laluna Jewellery

Empowerment and femininity are recurring themes in your collections. How do you hope your creations empower the individuals who wear them, and what message do you aim to convey through Laluna Jewellery?

Empowerment and femininity are core principles embedded in Laluna Jewellery, and our hope is to inspire and uplift individuals through our creations. We believe that jewelry is not just an accessory but a form of self-expression and empowerment.

By incorporating these themes into our collections, we aim to encourage a sense of strength, confidence, and individuality for those who wear Laluna Jewellery. Each piece is designed with the intention of making the wearer feel empowered, embracing their unique qualities and celebrating their journey.

The message we strive to convey through Laluna Jewellery is one of self-love, resilience, and embracing the multifaceted nature of femininity. We want individuals to wear our creations as symbols of their own strength and beauty, recognizing that every piece tells a story and holds a personal significance.

Dream Collaborations and Innovative Designs

Collaborations often bring unique perspectives and creativity. Are there any dream collaborations you envision for Laluna Jewellery, and what kind of innovative designs do you hope to explore through such partnerships?

I actually aspire to collaborate with a renowned Michelin-starred chef. The meticulous search for premium ingredients, the exploration of flavors that evoke distinct memories, and the dedication to crafting delicious dishes through intricate processes remarkably parallel the journey of jewelry design and creation. Diners at the restaurant also seek to celebrate special moments through their meals, and I hope to extend the longevity of these moments through the artistry of jewelry.

Sentimental Value: Creating Cherished Mementos

Jewellery often holds sentimental value for individuals. Can you share a heartwarming customer story where your creation became a cherished memento, making a significant impact on someone’s life?

This is a heartwarming story! Grateful to the customer for sharing, we crafted a piece of jewelry to celebrate his and his partner’s decade-long journey. While listening to their narrative, I particularly noted an amusing moment.

During a restaurant gathering, an unexpected incident occurred – a bowl of soup spilled onto the table and clothes. Instead of blaming him, his partner burst into laughter, turning what seemed like a messy situation into a warm and adorable moment. From that point on, the piece of clothing bore a permanent yellow mark, becoming an everlasting testament to their love. To recreate this special moment, I chose to create a brooch resembling the spilled soup, allowing them to carry the warmth and laughter, experiencing that unique moment from their ten years of shared affection.

Nurturing Creativity and Travel Aspirations: A Glimpse into Laluna’s Inspirations

As a founder and designer, continuous inspiration is vital. How do you nurture your creativity and stay inspired to consistently innovate, ensuring that Laluna Jewellery remains at the forefront of artistic and timeless designs?

I capture enchanting moments through my camera, drawing inspiration from the beauty that surrounds me. Enriching my life, I seek enlightening moments in everything – be it the ancient architecture discovered during travels or the vibrant wildflowers along the roadside. Engaging with friends and clients provides another avenue for inspiration, as their stories often reveal unique and special insights that continuously fuel my creative journey.

Top Travel Destinations on the Bucket List

Our readers love to travel, and many seek inspiration from the destinations that artists find appealing. What destination is at the top of your bucket list?

I have a penchant for unique and tranquil destinations. On my travel wishlist, I aspire to explore the charm of Siracusa in Italy, known for its Baroque architecture and serene streets. Sedona in the United States, with its majestic red rock canyons and natural beauty, is another destination that captivates me. Sintra in Portugal, a UNESCO World Heritage site, entices with its enchanting town ambiance and rich historical allure. These places, away from the hustle and bustle, embody the serene and distinctive retreats I seek in my travels.

Stay Connected with Laluna Jewellery

Where can people follow you and find out more about the latest creations and inspirations from Laluna Jewellery?

You can explore our collections and stay updated on our latest creations by visiting our website: For a more personal glimpse into my creative journey and daily musings, you can follow me on my personal Instagram account: sarabanala.

Stay connected to the world of Laluna Jewellery for a continuous journey of artistic innovation and timeless designs.


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