Family camping is a fun and exciting way of parents getting away from your daily routines at work and having your kids a retreat from using their devices and gadgets. But, it must be done right in order to benefit much in learning outdoor skills from this rest and recreation. Take a look at this guide and make your camping remarkable
Choosing a Camp Site
The first thing parents should consider during camping preparations is looking for a suitable campsite, especially for starters. Since you are with your kids, a campsite must have a combination of safety and adventurous or simply a little wilder than your usual daily situation. For oldtimers, of course, you may choose campsites with much wilder ambiance compared to where you have been before. Select campsites with rivers or streams in it, with facilities where kids can safely play, and where can set campfires (just make sure to teach children with proper precautions).
When you have selected for a campsite, have an ocular visit first before bringing your kids in order for you to prepare your kids what to expect. You do not want to spoil them of the fun but you would not want them to disappoint them either.
Selecting for a Tent
Setting up tents is essential in family camping. There are a lot of varieties to choose from which can be suitable for your family. You can already buy tents with complete features such as sleeping bags, poles, partitions, and floor mats. But these can be expensive. However, if you are out of budget and considering the low cost, you can just look for metal posts, fly sheets, and groundsheets to pitch your tent.
Bringing Camping Equipment
Aside from tents, there are other types of equipment necessary in family camping. Mind you, the purpose of bringing stuff is for comfort and convenience. You can also bring your camping stove and your best mess kit which you can use for cooking and containing food. Never set this inside the tent to avoid fire accidents that may ruin the camping. You may also bring a camping table and a hiking chair. For more precaution and safety, bringing of first-aid kits is really a must especially when the kids are with you. They may boisterously play and might get hurt and injured.
However, first-timers have a tendency to bring a lot of things even those things that are not necessary like television sets, microwave ovens and even laptops. Avoid making the camping site like your home or else just stay at home.
Preparation of Camping Food
There are no specific rules about this because it is really up to your family. You might want to try exotic dishes like roasted frogs or snakes to increase the excitement. But you must also consider your children’s appetite and prefer comfort foods. What is important here is to involve the children in the preparation and cooking. You might want your kids to catch fish from the streams. Pick up fruits from trees or vegetables available at the campsite (just guide them for precaution. In this manner, it also becomes a learning experience for them.
Listing of Camping Activities
Family camping is supposed to be fun and exciting and it lies really on the activities you have set especially for kids. Most camping sites have outdoor facilities such as zip-lines, wall climbing, boat riding, fishing, and other amenities. Aside from these, you can prepare outdoor games such as race, relays, and other activities that promote competitiveness, critical-thinking, problem-solving, and socialization with others. Having all these considered in your list can help in making your family camping so much fun and enjoyable. Remember, you do not want your kids to regret this day with you and avoid having next time.
Campings can really be exciting especially as a family getaway vacation. So in order to really have fun and enjoy, prepare well and good. Follow this guide and have a list of must-haves. It saves you from unwanted expenses during the camping and it also saves you from the stress brought by not maximizing the opportunity just because you missed something. However, camping may not be always perfect because of the unpredictability of adventures but preparation makes you handle well the unexpected and makes you try it better next time.



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