Fighting the Pain: Ways to Treat Your Back Pain

Back pain can be one of the most persistent and annoying pains, besides migraine and toothache. But unlike these two, back pain can severely limit your movement, sitting and sleeping habits. Treating back pain can sometimes be a long process that requires a lot of patience and persistence. There are many over-the-counter remedies that offer amazing results, but before you decide to purchase something that seemed too good to be true, here are some other ways to treat your back pain:

Talk to your physician

For many people going to a doctor is a special kind of nightmare so if you constantly delay making an appointment, you’re not alone. So instead of enduring excruciating pains, you should simply consult your doctor and so you’ll know what to do next. Your doctor can help you find the right treatment and if necessary, recommend another specialist who’ll be able to help you more. In case you’re worried about going alone, ask a family member, relative or a friend to keep you company. There’s nothing worse than living in pain and not being able to participate in your favorite activities just because you don’t have the courage to speak to your doctor. So, next time you feel like your back pain is getting out of hand, don’t hesitate to call your doctor for some advice.

Stretching and/or yoga

A lot of back issues stem from a sedentary lifestyle or bad posture. Stretching every morning can help you improve your posture and increase your blood flow. But most importantly, morning stretching can be a great pain relief since the body tends to get stiff during the night, due to lying horizontally. Additionally, incorporating yoga into your regular routine can help you strengthen your muscles, improve posture and overall be more mindful and energized. In case you’re constantly troubled by back pain, it’s advisable to start taking yoga classes for beginners. For those who don’t like group exercise, there are many YouTube lessons and apps that can help you learn and practice yoga on your own without being disturbed by others. Aside from having physical benefits, yoga and stretching can help you be more focused and feel less stressed. 


Consider surgery

Unfortunately, sometimes surgery is necessary since some back problems are more serious than a sprained muscle or temporary pain due to bad sleeping position. There are various reasons why surgery is needed: spinal fusion which is the most common, or foraminotomy which deals with easing the pain due to a compressed nerve in the spine. Other common surgeries include disk replacement, interlaminar implant, and laminectomy. If you need to have one of these, don’t worry, but get informed and don’t be afraid to ask the questions that you deem important. After the surgery, it’s important to follow the directions so you’ll be able to recover properly. If you need extra guidance, dr Timothy Steel is a spinal surgeon and neurosurgeon who’s helped many to have productive and happy lives after successful surgeries performed by him.

Massage therapy

Aside from medical treatments, massage therapy is the most effective way of treating back pain. It’s very important to find the right massage therapist who’ll be able to locate your exact pain points and treat them in a way that won’t cause you any further pain. Make sure to choose a masseuse that is experienced in dealing with your issues. The last thing you need is someone who doesn’t know to do their job. Also, sometimes it’s necessary to shop around until you find the therapist you’re satisfied with. It’s always safer to go with someone who performs medical massage as that’s a sign they’ve received the right education and have a certificate to prove it. Another important point: massage therapy is bound to be somewhat uncomfortable but if your therapist is being too rough and inconsiderate, remember that you don’t need to pay them your own money to treat you badly. Every good massage therapist should warn you when the treatment’s about to become a tad painful or uncomfortable.

Finally, back pain can sometimes be relieved by hot and cold treatments or some painkillers. But if it continues, don’t waste your time and go to a specialist. Improve your lifestyle habits and be more physically active. If nothing else, change your bed mattress. You don’t need to put up with back pain and if you follow some (or all) of these tips, your back will definitely be healthy and pain-free!

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