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For the Mind, Body and Soul with Terranam Wellness

For the Mind, Body and Soul with Terranam Wellness

It’s 2022 and thank God we’ve finally grasped the concept that nobody can be switched on 24/7. No, not even Beyoncé.

August 18th, 2022

It’s 2022 and thank God we’ve finally grasped the concept that nobody can be switched on 24/7. No, not even Beyoncé. We’ve talked about wellness and self care for years, so it’s great to see that looking after yourself is finally having its moment.

Self care looks different to different people, and while we love pool chill time as much as the next person, we’re not about spending two weeks glued to the same sun lounger. Keeping your mind alive while your body is in rest (or vice versa) is super important.

Retreats have been popular for the past thousand years. Of course, it was more prayer than pilates back in the day, but those early spiritual refuges laid the cornerstones for what modern retreats are all about – serenity, health and mindfulness. I’ve been on my fair share of retreats and sadly some of them don’t tick the basic boxes and experiences have been intense – like being drafted into the troops, or ‘health’ trips which is essentially just a host starving their guests to extinction.

One word changed everything I knew about retreats: Terranam. Terra is Latin for earth or land, and Anam comes from the Celtic for soul or spirit. Together, they promise wellness retreats for renewal and relaxation. Yes I was apprehensive but it’s important to go into everything in life with an open mind.

Located in Galicia on the tip of Northern Spain is the base for Terranam retreats. The property is built on the foundations of an old 1700s manor house tucked away in an idyllic spot between the mountains and the sea. More importantly, the space has been expertly transformed into a haven of spaces – a swimming pool, lush gardens, relaxation areas, fountains, nearby beaches and secret lagoons. Lodgings include 11 ensuite bedrooms, each designed to be its own sanctuary, a retreat within a retreat.

Terranam retreats come in four, five or seven day packages and include accommodation, a 60 minute massage, two daily yoga classes, two meals per day (more about that later), snacks throughout the day and whichever various activities you’d like to join in on. The important bit is that activities are optional and it’s really up to each guest what they get involved in but the massage should be non negotiable.Take it from our experience, there’s absolutely nothing relaxing about being dragged up a mountain against your will and then pushed off the top with a parachute on your back. Terranam activities include boat rides and island hopping, beach time and yoga classes – stuff we can really get on board with.

The property has its own 18th Century chapel which doubles as the perfect spot for the retreat’s sound healing sessions. For those who don’t partake, sound healing is proven to reduce stress by balancing and clearing the mind through sound – it’s like a form of guided mediation but with gongs and singing bowls.

Health retreats have a nasty reputation synonymous with rehab or prison, being locked away and denied of any food until you emerge looking like your best self. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that’s not good for the body, or for the mind.

Terranam offers up a three course meal every night with expertly crafted vegetarian and seafood dishes, designed by Spanish Michelin-star chef Marta Cebrian Lopez. These dishes are prepared fresh on site and lovingly made from the highest quality, and freshest ingredients, most of which is an absolute game changer. Although slightly off the beaten track from your average tourist, the region of Galicia is actually often linked to foodie pilgrimages, and has some of the highest tourism growth rates in mainland Spain (you heard it here first, folks). Seafood feasts are a tradition in this part of the world so you’ll finish your retreat on a high, with an exquisite banquet paired with local wines.

The retreat has a commitment to sustainability within everything they do and it really shines through here, with organic ingredients sourced from their own land, and seafood coming in fresh from the local fishing villages. And more importantly, every ingredient serves a purpose (and some of it even re-purposed) so nothing goes to waste.

We absolutely cannot talk about Terranam without mentioning the force behind it all – the boss and founder, Maria Garrido.

Originally from Galicia, Maria has seen her fair share of the world, between travelling and living in different countries, but throughout her life always managed to find her way back home. Wherever they were in the world, every year, Maria’s family would return to Galicia for some R&R, and to reconnect with the beautiful surroundings. Terranam is Maria’s way of sharing this experience with the world.




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