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Fragrant Journeys: In Conversation with the Co-Founders of Shifa Aromas

Fragrant Journeys: In Conversation with the Co-Founders of Shifa Aromas

Shifa Aromas, a torchbearer of self-care and holistic wellness, crafts experiences that transcend the physical realm

August 20th, 2023

Step into the world of Shifa Aromas, where the fragrant allure of Arabian oils and natural resins intertwines with the pursuit of deep relaxation. The inception of this remarkable journey was sparked by a passion for crafting moments of tranquility and the quest for tools that can elevate the soul.

As co-founders, Jabar and Nafeesa have orchestrated a partnership that resembles a symphony of evolution. From the moment Shifa Aromas was born, it embarked on a transformative odyssey that saw it carve an indelible identity in the home fragrance market. Rooted in an unwavering commitment to crafting products that foster relaxation, mindfulness, and a haven in any space, the brand has flourished under their guidance.

In the midst of a competitive beauty and wellness landscape, Shifa Aromas stands apart as an embodiment of love and care. As a family-run venture, each product carries with it a piece of their hearts. They aren't chasing the title of the next colossal home fragrance brand; rather, their ambition lies in creating enduring quality that becomes an heirloom, cherished by generations.

What defines Shifa Aromas is the alchemy of nature captured in aroma. Their fragrances have been described as soft yet evocative, like walking through a vibrant garden. Their philosophy resonates deeply with their personal values as entrepreneurs seeking moments of serenity amidst the bustling entrepreneurial journey.

Undoubtedly, building a triumphant brand requires perseverance and fortitude. Their journey has been punctuated by challenges – from sticker mishaps to uphill pallet deliveries, and even the occasional 'no.' These obstacles have only fortified their understanding of the brand's worth. Their alliance with reliable local suppliers and their open mindset toward learning and growth have been instrumental in surmounting these hurdles.

At the heart of Shifa Aromas lies an unwavering commitment to natural ingredients and sustainable practices. Each product is a testament to meticulous sourcing, ensuring eco-friendliness without compromising efficacy.

Shifa Aromas, a champion of self-care and holistic wellness, crafts experiences that transcend the physical. Their 'Take time to…' collection extends an invitation to escape and heal through fragrances. They believe in the transformative power of carefully blended essential oils and high-grade perfumes to instill a sense of calm and peace, fostering an appreciation for nature's botanical gifts.

Navigating their roles as co-founders, Jabar and Nafeesa have come to understand and leverage each other's strengths, continuously growing together to steer Shifa Aromas toward greatness. To those poised to embark on a journey in the natural beauty and wellness industry, they offer this counsel: Research diligently, prioritise originality, and brace for the rollercoaster ride of highs and lows.

Reflecting on their voyage, a trade order of £80 marked a pivotal moment, fuelling their belief in their vision. Recently, launching in over 40 UAE stores was a milestone that underscored Shifa Aromas' ascent.

As they gaze into the future, a collection in luxurious amber glass is the latest offering, with ambitions to delve into skincare and more opulent creations. Their Silk Route collection, inspired by ancient trade routes, invites travelers to explore a world steeped in culture and culinary delights.

For Jabar and Nafeesa, self-care encompasses nurturing physical, spiritual, and mental well-being in a way that cultivates positive, lasting transformation. It's a testament to the choices they make today that shape their tomorrows.

Curious to delve deeper into the world of Shifa Aromas? We chatted to the founders to find out more

What inspired you both to start Shifa Aromas, and how has your journey as co-founders evolved since its inception?

Our journey was inspired by the love of Arabian oils and natural resins encompassed with the search for deep relaxation and tools to aid this.

The brand has evolved since its inception as it gained an identity in the home fragrance market as a high-quality product. We’ve kept to the ethos of the brand which about creating products that aid in relaxation, help mindfulness, and create a sanctuary in any space.

The beauty and wellness industry is highly competitive. What sets Shifa Aromas apart and makes it unique in the market?

What’s makes us unique is our sprinkle of love and care that goes into each product. As a family run business, we take and pride in every product that leaves the workshop. We are not aiming to be the next big home fragrance brand but aim to produce quality products that we stay with families through generations.

Tell us about the philosophy behind Shifa Aromas and how it aligns with your personal values as entrepreneurs.

The philosophy behind Shifa Aromas is about capturing nature in the form of aromas and allowing individuals to experience this by using our products, often people have commented that our fragrances are soft but not overpowering and they feel like they are walking through a garden and can smell all the various aromas through our products that they would typically experience in a garden.

An entrepreneur’s life can be very hectic and finding the moment of peace is particularly important to prosper and excel and we feel that the philosophy we have for Shifa Aromas aligns with our personal values.

Building a successful brand requires dedication and resilience. Can you share some of the challenges you faced along the way and how you overcame them?

We experienced many challenges from getting the printer to print the stickers correctly, to receiving pallet deliveries on a sloped drive and to hearing the word ‘no’ from companies.

Over time we’ve learnt the value of our brand and made contacts with local suppliers who have both provided trustworthy services and advice. We’ve acknowledged that your mindset always needs to be open to learning something new things and accept constructive criticism/feedback for the benefit of the brand.

Shifa Aromas places a strong emphasis on natural ingredients and sustainable practices. How do you ensure that your products are both eco-friendly and effective?

We ensure to source quality ingredients that are manufactured locally where possible and ingredients that eco friendly. We take our time in choosing our suppliers and ensure they share the same ethos as us.

Shifa Aromas promotes self-care and holistic wellness. How do you believe your products contribute to your customers' overall well-being?

Products in our ‘Take time to…’ collection have a lifestyle element related to each fragrance like ‘Take time to escape’ ‘Take time to heal’

We believe our carefully curated fragrances that have been infused with essential oils as well as high quality perfume grade fragrances have a positive impact of the user giving them a sense of relaxation and peace.

The botanicals on the candles and in the diffusers are aesthetically pleasing to eye allowing one to appreciate nature and the beautiful flowers it has given us. Bringing a smile on our face

As founders, you must wear many hats in your roles. How do you balance your individual strengths and skills to drive the company forward together?

We wear many hats throughout the day but now running Shifa Aromas for several years we’ve learnt each other’s strengths and skills but at the same time thriving to learn more as we’ve just touched the surface.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to venture into the natural beauty and wellness industry?

Research, research & more research… but originality is important as this sets you apart from the crowd. Don’t look for the easy route and be ready for a rollercoaster that has its highs and lows…

Looking back at your journey so far, what has been the most rewarding moment or achievement for both of you as co-founders?

We remember when we received our first trade order worth £80 it was the most profound moment that someone believed in us and our product. More recently we launched in the UAE region in over 40 stores which has been a milestone for Shifa Aromas.

The future of the beauty and wellness industry is ever-evolving. Can you give us a glimpse of what exciting developments or products we can expect from Shifa Aromas in the coming months?

We’ve just launched a naturals collection in amber glass in luxurious packaging but are looking go into more skincare and produce more luxurious products.

Our readers love to travel, what destination is at the top of your bucket list?

Snap! So do we, our Silk Route home fragrance collection is inspired the ancient Trade route and we love travelling to locations where you can learn about the culture and enjoy the food. One of the places on our bucket list is Samarkand…

What does self care mean to you?

It’s mean taking care of your physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing both internally and externally. Self-care also means making healthy choices that have a long-term positive impact on your wellbeing.

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