In a world filled with hustle and bustle, where dreams often take a back seat to the demands of daily life, there are those who dare to chase their passions and create something truly extraordinary. Georgie Roberts, the visionary founder of Wanderlust Life, is one such individual who turned her dreams into reality.

House of Coco had the privilege of sitting down with Georgie to delve deep into her inspiring journey, which has taken her from a coastal village in Croyde to crafting meaningful jewellery at her Devon studio. From humble beginnings in her spare bedroom to establishing Wanderlust Life as a renowned brand, Georgie shares her incredible story of determination, creativity, and unwavering authenticity.

Wanderlust Life, known for its ethereal jewellery pieces, is more than just a brand; it’s a testament to the power of following one’s heart. Georgie’s interview reveals her passion for authenticity, collaboration, and creativity, all of which have played pivotal roles in shaping Wanderlust Life’s journey and design aesthetic.

Join us as we explore Georgie’s experiences, challenges, and the profound impact of her jewellery on people’s lives. Discover how she infuses each piece with authenticity and deep meaning, and gain insights into her creative process, inspired by the natural beauty of Devon and the world beyond.

Georgie’s story is a beacon of hope for aspiring designers and dreamers everywhere, reminding us that with passion and dedication, we can transform our dreams into tangible realities. So, prepare to be inspired, as we embark on a journey with Georgie Roberts, the creative force behind Wanderlust Life, and learn how she plans to continue spreading love and meaning through her remarkable jewellery…

Georgie, could you kindly share the story of how Wanderlust Life came to life, from its inception in your spare bedroom to the brand it has become today?

In between my travel experiences, I held various roles, from opening galleries to managing yoga retreats and working for creative agencies. However, I never felt truly content. Looking back, I realized that I yearned to captain my own ship.

I grew up in a coastal surf town and was fortunate to spend many winters abroad. It was during one of these journeys, between jobs, that the idea for Wanderlust Life was born. I remember doodling on a plane and listing all the things I loved, things that ignited my passion—and that’s where it all began.

The seed of an idea planted on a long plane journey soon blossomed into reality when I returned to Devon. Initially, the business operated from my spare bedroom. As the business expanded, so did our team. We quickly realised that we needed more space, which led to the opening of the Wanderlust Life shop and studio in Braunton in 2018. Today, our business thrives with a close-knit team of 15 designers, makers, sales support, and marketers. I’m incredibly grateful to have such a fantastic team accompanying me on this journey.

Collaboration is one of Wanderlust Life’s core values. Could you share some memorable collaborations that have shaped the brand’s journey and design aesthetic?

Collaboration lies at the heart of everything we do. Above all, I feel fortunate to have a supportive and collaborative team. Every team member plays a vital role, from the initial concept to crafting the pieces to managing the shop floor. We value every voice and idea, no matter how small. Our studio is a space where we love to brainstorm without judgment, often leading to brilliant ideas.

Over the years, we’ve partnered with remarkable charity organisations. More recently, we collaborated with Love Welcomes, a non-profit CIC that emerged in response to the refugee crisis. They transformed discarded hi-vis lifejackets found on shores into homeware designs that refugee women could create and sell. The bright orange color became their signature, inspiring a limited-edition orange enamel heart-shaped pendant. This pendant is not only beautiful but also serves as a poignant reminder of the refugee crisis and the ongoing challenges people face.

Authenticity is another crucial value for Wanderlust Life. How do you ensure that authenticity is reflected in both your jewellery and the brand as a whole?

Our small team is deeply involved in every step of the process, from design and creation to marketing and sales. We are passionate about what we do, and our team genuinely cares. Each piece we create is imbued with meaning and crafted with love.

All our jewellery is either made in-house or with select artisan partners. We pour our love for our work into every piece. Each item carries its unique significance, handcrafted with care.

What advice would you give to aspiring jewellery designers who want to infuse their work with authenticity and deep meaning, as you do with Wanderlust Life?

If you love what you do, that passion will shine through in your creations. So, my advice is to stay passionate about your work, and the rest will naturally fall into place.

Creativity is a driving force behind your brand. Could you share insights into your creative process and how you continue to find inspiration?

Creativity fuels creativity! The more we surround ourselves with creativity, the more inspiration flows. Our open studio encourages the sharing of experiences, ideas, and thoughts, all contributing to our design process. We are fortunate to live in a breathtaking part of the world, and our coastline is a constant source of inspiration. However, expanding our horizons, through travel and meeting new people, consistently sparks new ideas.

Wanderlust Life is based in Devon, and the natural beauty of the region appears to be integral to your brand’s identity. How does the beauty of Devon influence your work and creative vision?

I’ve always lived by the sea, and I’m incredibly grateful for its proximity. The ocean’s ever-changing nature, from calm waters to wild seas, provides a never-ending source of inspiration. Whether it’s a serene moment for relaxation or a wild, windy day for a run, the beach serves as our playground. It’s the backdrop to our lives, hosting beach dips, winter walks, photoshoots during golden hours, and post-work BBQ gatherings.

Could you share some of your favourite stories or customer experiences related to how your jewellery has made a meaningful impact on someone’s life?

We consider it a privilege to be part of special customer moments. It’s heartwarming to see the inscriptions we engrave on jewellery come to life. We’ve been a part of numerous significant occasions, from marriages and proposals to anniversaries and births—moments that truly matter.

Your journey from a seaside village in Croyde to launching Wanderlust Life is inspiring. What were some of the challenges you faced along the way, and how did you overcome them?

Over the past decade, we’ve encountered numerous challenges, including navigating a global pandemic. However, I’ve learned to view these challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. We can’t control external forces, but we can choose how we respond to them. This perspective has evolved over the years, helping us overcome obstacles.

Wanderlust Life has a predominantly female team. How does this all-female team contribute to the brand’s success and creativity?

With our predominantly female team and female-founded business, we lead with a feminine energy—one that prioritizes empathy, love, and kindness in our business approach. We believe that these qualities are our superpowers and should never be mistaken for weaknesses.

Can you tell us about a piece of jewellery from your collection that holds special significance to you personally, and the story behind it?

There are a couple of pieces that hold profound personal significance. Our signature gemstone fine cord necklace was the first silhouette we created and remains incredibly special. Its design exudes simplicity, and a decade later, it still feels timeless. Each gemstone carries its meaning, translated into a mantra that resonates with the wearer. Whenever I feel a bit off course, I wear my Aquamarine piece as a personal reminder of my journey and purpose. This piece was designed to become a personal talisman for all wearers.

In addition to your online presence, you have a physical store that offers engraving and customisation. How does this in-store experience enhance the connection between your customers and your brand?

Our dedicated shop and studio in Braunton, North Devon, offer a unique opportunity for us to connect with our customers. We love welcoming people through the door and sharing our craft. Being able to touch and feel each piece and appreciate the uniqueness of every gemstone is a distinct advantage of visiting our shop. Sometimes, you’re drawn to a piece for reasons you may not fully understand at the moment, but trusting the process often leads to a meaningful connection.

We’ve recently introduced a bespoke engraving service, allowing customers to create something entirely unique for themselves or someone special.

Our readers are avid travelers. What destination is at the top of your bucket list?

Oh, there are so many places on my list! I’m eager to explore more of Europe, particularly Italy and Montenegro. Additionally, Mexico holds a special place in my heart due to the food, culture, and wonderful people. The tacos there are absolutely fantastic!

Lastly, Georgie, what do you envision for the future of Wanderlust Life, and how do you plan to continue spreading meaningful jewellery designed with love from your Devon studio?

Taking breaks from my daily routine is a great way to keep my creative juices flowing, whether it’s a short outing or an extended trip abroad. We’re planning a trip to Panama in February next year. Interestingly, creativity often ignites when I truly disconnect. It’s somewhat ironic!

We’ve also embarked on our B-Corp journey, focusing on continually improving our business practices in an ethical and sustainable manner. As business owners, we have a responsibility to make better choices for people and the planet.

For those interested in learning more and following us, you can visit us online at, or if you find yourself in the South West, we have our Shop & Studio in Braunton, North Devon, just minutes from some of the most beautiful surfing beaches on the North Coast.

If you fancy exploring the area, come and stay in Wanderlust Life’s vacay bungalow – a newly renovated 70’s holiday home with a nod to the ease, optimism and aesthetic of mid-century California that truly brings the brand’s laid-back lifestyle to life. @casapalomasaunton.


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