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Gifts to Get Every Type of Child This Christmas

It’s that time of year again when everyone scrambles to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. If you’re struggling to think of gift ideas for a child, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! This list includes some great gifts for every type of child. No matter your budget or interests, we have something for you. So, read on and get inspired!

The Outdoorsy Child

Buying gifts for kids can be a bit of a challenge unless, of course, you have a quite outdoorsy child – if so, it’s quite a walk in the park, excuse the pun. Gifts for outdoorsy kids are endless, even if they are slightly older and are eagle scouts. A great gift idea for eagle scouts is a compass, which will come in handy. For younger kids, anything from walkie-talkies to a tent or gardening gear will help them appreciate the hours they spend outdoors even more.

The Artistic Child

Not every child likes spending time outdoors, and there are quite a few kids who enjoy spending time inside getting in touch with their creative side. If you have a young child always drawing on the walls, a great gift would be a starter arts and crafts kit. If you know they enjoy painting, a few new paintbrushes and some paint will be very appreciated.

The Technologically Savvy Child

Some kids are just born knowing how technology works and would like nothing more than to spend all day every day inside with technology. As such, you could get quite a few gifts for your technologically savvy child. For kids slightly older than five, you could get them a Nintendo Switch, which will keep them entertained for hours. For younger kids, there’s the Yoto Player that will read stories to your kids when you can’t, and don’t forget the many kids’ smartwatches to help teach your kids how to tell the time.

The Smart Child

One of the more challenging children to buy gifts for would be the intelligent children since a gift that is too simple will cause them to get bored very quickly. The good news is that these kids have a few options, too. For example, games or toys that require the use of problem-solving skills will be a sure cure to their boredom. Lego is a great choice, as well as model planes or a snap circuit set.

The Funny Child

If you have a child that enjoys playing pranks or considers themselves to have the biggest funny bone, this can be an excellent opportunity to aid them in their slight mischief. One great gift idea would be a snake in a can that will surprise them and anyone they prank. If your kid already has a phone, you could get them a banana phone that will put a smile on the face of anyone who sees your kid using it. The burrito tortilla wrap blanket is also a great choice for kids who enjoy being wrapped up watching movies.

The Energetic Child

Another tricky child to buy gifts for would be the energetic child. As you know, nothing keeps them entertained for long. The great thing about energetic kids is that they love to be active, so why not help them channel that energy with gifts like a badminton game, a track ball, laser tag that can be enjoyed with friends, or even a scooter, bicycle, or skateboard? In all honesty, energetic kids are the best to buy gifts for since they basically enjoy all of the traditional kids’ presents.

The Booklover Child

Finally, the last type of kid on this list is the type of child that would rather spend hours inside reading than playing outside. Not to worry, however, there are still many great gifts to get these kids. For example, you could get them a personalized book about them. Other gifts could include DIY book authoring kits that let your kids draw the pictures in the book based on the story or even a small night light that can be attached to the top of the book they are reading.