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Harmonising Nature and Science: A Journey with Rish Reddy, Director of Dewdrop Skincare

Rish Reddy, the Director of Dewdrop Skincare™, is a visionary entrepreneur whose journey into the world of skincare was sparked by a personal struggle with eczema.

Her deep-rooted connection to traditional wisdom, particularly inspired by his grandmother’s teachings and family stories from India, became the catalyst for the creation of Dewdrop Skincare™.

With a background in chemical engineering and chromatography, Rish seamlessly blends science with Ayurvedic principles, leading to the development of innovative skincare solutions…

Rish’s commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and the sourcing of high-quality ingredients from around the world reflects in the brand’s values. Her extensive travels, including a transformative experience in India, have left an indelible mark on Dewdrop Skincare™, shaping its ethos and formulations.

As a founder dedicated to promoting natural beauty, inclusivity, and self-love, Rish envisions Dewdrop Skincare™ as a global leader in the skincare industry, setting standards for innovation, sustainability, and holistic well-being….

Your journey with Dewdrop Skincare™ began with a personal struggle with eczema. Can you share a specific moment when you realised the potential of botanicals and Ayurvedic treatments in skincare, transforming your skin and inspiring the creation of your brand?

Having tried several dermatologically tested brands that offered little to no relief for my inflamed eczema, my grandmother suggested gathering plants from her garden to create a paste as a calming mask for my skin. The immediate relief was unmatched!

My grandmother often shared stories of her family in India, emphasizing Ayurveda’s integral role in their lives. Recognizing nature’s incredible healing power, I decided to dedicate myself to a brand combining botanicals and Ayurveda for effective skincare solutions.

Growing up with stories from your grandmother about the benefits of botanicals, how do these traditional wisdoms continue to influence the formulations and ethos of Dewdrop Skincare™ today?

When creating Dewdrop Skincare™, I wanted it rooted in Ayurveda and traditions. Our Brightening Saffron Elixir Serum is produced using traditional techniques, preserving botanicals and their nutrients.

We prioritize responsible practices, support local communities, and preserve the environment. My grandmother’s wisdom instilled the belief that skincare is about holistic well-being. Our formulations encourage self-care rituals, fostering a mindful and soothing skincare routine. Traditional wisdom inspires us to create formulations rooted in nature, crafted with care, enhancing natural beauty.

The intersection of science and skincare is a unique aspect of Dewdrop Skincare™. How does your background in chemical engineering and chromatography contribute to the innovative processes used in your products, such as cold press, CO2 extraction, and steam distillation?

Chemical engineering provides a foundation in understanding chemistry, materials science, and process engineering, ensuring effective and stable formulations. Chromatography, a powerful separation technique, helps extract botanicals’ active ingredients precisely.

This scientific background, combined with innovative processes, ensures our skincare products retain botanical potency for optimal efficacy. Our approach delivers high-quality, effective, and innovative skincare solutions to our customers.

Your travels to India played a significant role in finding the highest quality ingredients. Can you share a memorable experience or encounter during your search that left a lasting impact on you and the formulations of Dewdrop Skincare™?

During my travels, visiting Agra and witnessing the Taj Mahal was breathtaking. Encountering a family-owned store, I met the matriarch deeply passionate about sustainable farming, transforming her family’s life. Their traditional farming techniques, commitment to organic and sustainable methods, and respect for nature inspired me.

This encounter influences Dewdrop Skincare™, ensuring our products are made with care, attention to detail, and the finest ingredients from around the world, carrying the essence of their origin.

Dewdrop Skincare™ emphasizes the idea of embracing natural beauty, including blemishes and scars. How do you believe this philosophy resonates with your customers, and what message do you hope it conveys in the beauty industry?

In a society pressuring a narrow beauty definition, we encourage embracing natural beauty, including blemishes and scars. Imperfections tell a story of resilience, growth, and humanity. We aim to empower individuals to redefine beauty standards, fostering inclusivity and authenticity. Skincare, to us, is about holistic well-being, promoting self-love.

Through our philosophy, we aspire to inspire a positive change, encouraging authenticity, diversity, and self-acceptance in the beauty industry.

Luxury and elegance are key inspirations for Dewdrop Skincare™, drawing from the palace architectures and royal traditions in India. How do you translate this sense of opulence into your products, creating a truly luxurious experience for your customers?

We infuse opulence into our products through premium, high-quality ingredients known for efficacy and luxurious feel. Our formulations, curated for visible results, offer a sensorial experience for a pampered feel.

Inspired by palace designs and royal motifs, our packaging embodies elegance with intricate patterns, luxurious finishes, and opulent colors, evoking grandeur and sophistication. Unveiling our serum in carefully designed packaging sets the scene for a luxurious morning and evening routine, aiming to make customers feel pampered and cared for like royalty.

The sourcing of high-quality ingredients from around the world is a crucial part of your brand. How do you ensure sustainability and ethical practices in the process of procuring these botanicals, aligning with Dewdrop Skincare™’s values?

Dewdrop Skincare™ is deeply committed to sustainability and ethical practices in sourcing botanical ingredients. We prioritize suppliers committed to environmental conservation and vet them rigorously. This includes assessing farming and harvesting practices to minimize environmental impact and promote biodiversity.

We favour organic and fair-trade ingredients, minimising harmful chemicals and ensuring fair wages and working conditions. Our commitment extends to recyclable and eco-friendly packaging materials through our sister company, Mulch Mailers, offering 100% home compostable mailers. We aim to minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint, aligning every step with our values of sustainability and ethical practices.

Ayurveda is deeply rooted in your brand’s philosophy. How do you incorporate Ayurvedic principles into your formulations, and what specific benefits do these ancient practices offer in modern skincare routines?

Dewdrop Skincare™ believes in the power of Ayurveda for holistic well-being. We incorporate Ayurvedic principles by selecting botanicals used for centuries in Ayurveda. These principles emphasize balancing mind, body, and spirit, achieved through ingredients like sandalwood and rose known for calming and soothing properties.

Ayurvedic ingredients bring antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to nourish and revitalize the skin. Their anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties reduce redness, irritation, and fine lines. Ayurvedic practices focus on long-term results, promoting a consistent skincare routine tailored to individual needs.

This holistic approach enhances mental well-being and self-confidence, offering a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern science for healthy, radiant skin.

Can you share a success story from a Dewdrop Skincare™ customer, someone whose skin transformation through your products particularly moved or inspired you?

Certainly! We had a customer share her painful story of a routine hysterectomy gone wrong, resulting in major abdominal surgery and severe scarring. Using our Brightening Saffron Elixir Serum, she experienced tremendous healing of her scars.

Knowing our product played a role in assisting this resilient woman fills me with gratitude. We’re proud to provide products that genuinely work and support individuals through challenging times.

In the world of skincare, trends often come and go. How do you maintain the timeless essence of Dewdrop Skincare™ while also staying relevant and innovative in an ever-changing market?

Dewdrop Skincare™ maintains its timeless essence by staying rooted in core values and Ayurvedic principles. Our commitment to holistic well-being forms a constant foundation. We listen to customer feedback, adapting formulations to evolving needs and preferences.

Investing in research and development keeps us at the forefront of skincare innovations. While exploring new ingredients and technologies, we prioritize sustainability and ethical practices, resonating with conscious consumers. By combining these strategies, Dewdrop Skincare™ remains a brand that is both timeless and relevant, providing innovative, effective, and sustainable skincare solutions.

Your products are curated to unveil the inner glow of individuals. How do you believe self-love and self-care are interconnected with skincare, and how does Dewdrop Skincare™ contribute to this holistic approach to beauty?

Self-love and self-care are integral to a holistic approach to beauty, with skincare playing a significant role. Skincare rituals offer moments for self-care, promoting mindfulness and body connection. Dewdrop Skincare™ understands this interconnectedness, curating products to address skin concerns while promoting indulgence and self-worth.

Our formulations, crafted with high-quality ingredients, provide a sensory experience, uplifting the spirit. By encouraging individuals to embrace their unique beauty and celebrate their individuality, we contribute to a holistic approach where skincare becomes a pleasurable journey of self-love.

Collaboration is a powerful way to expand a brand’s reach. Are there any dream collaborations or partnerships you envision for Dewdrop Skincare™, aligning with your brand’s mission and values?

Certainly! Dewdrop Skincare™ envisions collaborating with environmentally conscious brands, emphasizing sustainability. Partnerships with wellness and mindfulness experts would enhance our holistic approach to skincare. Supporting social impact organisations focused on women’s empowerment, mental health, or sustainable practices aligns with our commitment to giving back.

Collaboration with respected dermatologists and skincare experts would validate our products, providing expertise in development, education, and evidence-based skincare advice. Dream collaborations align with our values of sustainability, inclusivity, and making a positive impact on the community.

Personal rituals often play a role in skincare routines. Do you have a favourite Dewdrop Skincare™ product or ritual that you personally find most invigorating, and if so, what is it?

My favorite ritual involves applying our Brightening Saffron Elixir Serum followed by our Rejuvenating moisturizer. The scent profiles transport me back to India, creating a calming effect, especially after a long day.

Looking into the future, what are your aspirations for Dewdrop Skincare™? How do you envision the brand evolving, and what kind of impact do you hope to make on the skincare industry and the lives of your customers?

Looking ahead, Dewdrop Skincare™ aspires to be a recognized leader, known for innovative and effective products, and a trailblazer in sustainable skincare. We aim to develop a comprehensive range, set industry standards for responsible practices, and expand globally.

Supporting social impact initiatives aligning with our values is a priority. We envision making a positive impact on customers’ lives by providing high-quality, sustainable skincare, fostering authenticity, diversity, and self-acceptance.

Our readers love to travel, what destination is at the top of your bucket list?

The Maldives! Pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and stunning coral reefs make it a dream luxury destination!

Looking back, since launching the brand, is there anything you would do differently?

No, looking back, I wouldn’t change anything. Every trial and lesson has led to valuable insights, shaping our journey and approach to building the brand.

Where can people follow you and find out more?

You can find me on Instagram and check out our website here.