Home entertainment has taken a huge leap forward in the past few years. As owners have clamoured to bring it into their property, we have seen the rise of everything from mobile chefs to home cinemas. However, the next feature has arrived and if you want to impress visitors to your property, then you need a home casino.

The Rise of the Home Casino 

Home casinos may seem a lavish idea, but a few key indicators over the last decade suggest they may be a natural progression for many home entertainers. The aforementioned rise in a desire for home entertainment has mirrored the growth of the home casino industry. Placing these games online has allowed more people to play games and try them out than ever before. 

There are plenty of online casinos that have offers and introductions for new players. If you have never tried one before, then this Stake casino review is a great place to start, helping you choose one based on several factors. This access to casinos has invited more people into the fold and thus, it was inevitable that home casinos would soon start to make an appearance.  

You need to make sure you have the space for one above anything else. While you can make cinema rooms from small spaces, cramped casino rooms never look right. If you put in a table and games machine, then this will soon start to fill up. A large basement or attic space is ideal.  

Choose the Correct Games and Tables 

The first consideration to make, before any design choices, is to select the right games. When it comes to casinos you may need specialist equipment for certain games like roulette. However, for fans of card games, many tables can be adjusted simply by turning them over or laying down a series of mats. Focus on the games you already enjoy playing. If you have regular poker nights, then you don’t need to invest in roulette wheels and tables.  

A casino room always looks great with one or two slot machines. Even if you don’t play, they add fantastic lighting and give the room an unmistakable ambience. Cheaper bandit-style machines can be bought second-hand quite reasonably for some retro glamour and often pop up in vintage furniture and salvage stores. But if you play online and have specific games you prefer it may be worth investing in these. Some digital machines will even provide you with a whole host of titles in one machine.  

Get The Colour Pallete Correct 

Casino Room

When designing the room itself, get the colour palette exact. Casinos are always very similar beasts when it comes to furnishing, be it smaller local ones or the vast halls of Las Vegas. They all use a very narrow selection of colours and shades to denote opulence and if you deviate, you may lose that casino look.  

These involve rich reds and dark blues for the main surfaces and soft furnishings. This is then offset against very neutral tones such as creams and light browns. Finally, the whole thing should be tied together with gold accents.  

If you struggle to balance all this, then you should always consider an interior designer who will know how best to operate. Pretty soon, you should have a fantastic home casino up and running.


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