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How to ditch your heavy bags in New York City?

How to ditch your heavy bags in New York City?

Do you ever dream of visiting New York City?

December 17th, 2020

Do you ever dream of visiting New York City? Do you also dream of exploring the city as a local and not as a tourist?

If the answer is positive, then ask yourself – What will you do about your bulky luggage when you have checked out, plus there hours before you have to catch a plane and you have found out a walking tour of your choice?

Multiple unique services allow you to travel without luggage problems when it comes to handling your baggage. You have to make sure everything flows smoothly while you are on a travel schedule and build the best memories.

I know we made your head spin, right? Don’t worry! There are many ways to. Things you need to see before booking a luggage storage facility that it is:

  • Safe
  • Convenient
  • Affordable

Now you might have a question, what about Public Lockers? Well, in the past, this was one of the ways you could store your luggage in NYC. But the world has advanced and these days, keeping baggage in places like bus terminals and stations are not preferred. You can ask your hotel’s steward about in-site luggage lockers or a storage room. Usually, guests can store their luggage free of charge. Public vaults exist, but you can only keep them for a limited period and in specific locations.

Due to the introduction of technology and companies realizing the need for luggage storage, there are websites and mobile applications that help travelers look for storage spots. Many such companies have linked themselves with Airbnb for luggage. They are also companies who let you book the storage facility by your cell phone; you can book online for a storage place for a specific date and location.

Now there are many advantages of storing your luggage with such companies:

  • Through GPS, they suggest the nearest storage facility.
  • While many companies require booking in advance, you can cancel anytime before the booking time, and it is free of charge.
  • Every storage organization has its own set of rules & services. Some of these are security seals, insurance against damage, loss, and theft.

Below listed is one of the famous luggage storage facilities in New York.


The whole process in this organization is very similar to the top services. They find suitable locations for travelers, can be a gift shop, convenience stores, or hotels that open early or shut down late, plus they can store and keep it securely.

This company is one of America’s prime on-demand storage facilities in 20 big cities with more than 300 locations. The company also covers 45+ international destinations with over 500 locations in them. You can store your luggage in NYC with them in 125 locations. They cover major transit spots like JFK airport, Grand Central Terminal, Newark Airport, and Port Authority.

Vertoe has the cheapest rates in NYC. The bags cost $5.95/day (credit card, online price), and they also have deals for groups. They are very generous when it comes to their services –

  • The locations are mostly open 24 hours.
  • They offer insurance of $5000
  • And also, the company provides complimentary tamper-proof safety seals.

Many other service providers nearby offer online booking through credit cards. This company is a recent player in the market; it charges around $2 an hour (per bag) for the first 24 hours. The price also covers $2000 insurance per bag.

Also, you can avail of this facility in Manhattan city. They specialize in rendering protected baggage storehouses for your lengthy and short duration storage needs. Whether you require to store your luggage for some hours, days, or weeks, they promise maximum flexibility and hassle-free services at reasonable prices.

The luggage services are quite famous in the luggage storage market. It charges $2 an hour. the largest storage networks and facilities spread across various countries like Rome, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Lisbon, Brussels, and Berlin. They have a collaborative system that enables tourists/local city dwellers to store their partner stores and hotels’ baggage.

So these are some facilities where you can store your luggage in NYC. But you might have some security questions that will come to our mind while you look through these facilities like

  • What will you do about your valuables?
  • What if someone put explosives and harmful materials in the bag?

Let us answer these questions for you:

For the first question, many of these companies suggest you not leave back things like jewelry, money, or other valuable & fragile items as they are not covered in the insurance policies. For instance, if you have something like that, keep one small tote bag, and when you leave your luggage at the facility, you can keep such valuable items, electronics, and medicines in that tote bag and carry them with you.

For the second question, the storage facilities prohibit specific chemicals, narcotics, explosives, firecrackers, and toxic and hazardous materials. The staff of some companies like Vertoe can ask you to show the language. The process is super friendly and comfortable.

I hope we cleared off some of your tension. You see, these services are just not quite handy for travelers, but locals also enjoy such benefits. The locals who like to ditch their bags and give those shoulders and hands some rest also find these options more convenient. They can drop their luggage and go shopping or attend some events. Isn’t this amazing?

At the start, we told you that the only way you can explore like a New Yorker is by walking. Imagine carrying a lightweight bag and exploring the city. You might as well save money for a savory-sweet or might buy sovereigns for the people back home.

We could help you decide on the storage facility for your next visit to New York. All you need to do is pack your bags, find a convenient storage facility, and book your hassle-free trip. Oh, and rate these companies to help more travelers like you who are searching for such proficient and advancedluggage storage facilities in New York City.



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