If you have a large garden, hosting a party outdoors will help you take advantage of this extra space and also enjoy the weather while it lasts. However, if you’re not used to hosting garden parties, then you may not know how to decorate this space and ensure all your guests are having a great time. If you want to host an amazing garden party but don’t know where to start, here are some of the best decorating and entertainment tips.

Fireworks display

For special occasions, hosting a fireworks display in your garden is the best way to celebrate. Your guests will love the magic and wonder of this display, and it’ll surely make your party one to remember.

However, if you’re going to host a fireworks display, you must remember to take precautions to keep everyone safe. First of all, you should only buy fireworks from reputable retailers, such as these fireworks for sale – tampering with fireworks or making your own can be extremely dangerous. Additionally, you should mark out a viewing area in your garden that’s at a safe distance from the fireworks. Having some buckets of water around the garden to dispose of fireworks or deal with emergencies is also a must.


To set the tone for an amazing party, you need to spruce up your garden and start decorating. An unkempt garden definitely isn’t the best setting for a party, so make sure you mow the lawn, clean the garden furniture, and declutter any old or broken items. Once your garden is clean and tidy, you can start adding some decorations – flowers, balloons, and bunting are all classic garden party decorations for any occasion. To make this space look more cohesive, try to stick to a particular colour scheme for your decorations. Your guests will appreciate these details!


To make your decorations even more special, why not pick a theme for your garden party? A theme can make your party much more exciting and memorable, and at the same time, it can also make it easier for you to decorate as you can just pick items that fit the theme. To get your guests involved too, you could even ask them to dress according to the theme!


A garden party wouldn’t be complete without some garden activities. Common garden games include croquet, skittles and giant Jenga, which can be fun for all ages. Indeed, garden games can be used as a way to keep the kids entertained, or they could be equally as fun for adults, especially if they’ve had a few drinks before trying out the giant Jenga or a game of Twister!


Most importantly, you need to make sure your guests have enough to eat and drink if you want to throw a successful garden party. You could prepare a meal if you love cooking, or if you have too many guests, you could just put out some party snacks for people to enjoy throughout the day. For drinks, make sure you have lots of soft drinks available to keep everyone hydrated, and if you want to serve alcoholic drinks too, why not make some fancy cocktails to get the party started?

If you want to host an amazing garden party, try out the ideas listed above to get some inspiration!


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