Exchanging cryptocurrencies isn’t rocket science. All you need to do is swap them when the time is right to make a profit. Swap BTC for ETH or any other preferred pair, and with the right timing and strategy, you can capitalize on market movements effectively.

Ultimately, if you want to convert BTC to ETH or swap any other two cryptos, the entire process can be summed up in two important steps: choosing a suitable exchange platform and monitoring the price. Once you lay a good foundation, you can start earning more complex trading strategies.

Let’s check these steps.

Step 1. Choose the Exchange Platform

Ideally, you should choose an exchange that’s anonymous, fast, and reliable. Let’s take a look at three popular examples.


Godex is a true decentralized and anonymous exchange, as it doesn’t even require you to register an account in order to use it. All you need is the wallet addresses of the two cryptos you want to exchange, and you can start the process.

For instance, if you want to swap STX to BTC, just enter the amount of BTC you want to receive, and the platform will immediately calculate how much STX you need to pay — and vice versa. Enter your target wallet address and start the exchange. You’ll be then prompted to deposit coins to the provided deposit address, and once you do that, just sit back, relax, and watch Godex do the swapping.


SimpleSwap is another non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange accepting hundreds of cryptos and crypto trading pairs. The platform features a user-friendly interface, along with attractive exchange rates for the majority of cryptocurrencies.

The platform features incentive-based affiliate and loyalty programs for those who want to be included in its operations.

The only downside of this and many similar exchanges is the requirements for KYC in case of a transaction dispute. In that case, traders who want to remain anonymous will have to provide some of their personal information to settle the dispute.

Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is — as the name suggests — a wallet. It’s an intuitive platform that helps you easily manage your cryptocurrencies and supports hundreds of digital assets. One of the many functionalities offered by this wallet is coin exchange, which is fast, secure, and convenient. Of course, it accepts both BTC and ETH, and the two can be swapped for one another as a trading pair. The multichain wallet can store more than 500 cryptos and is free of charge.

We didn’t find any downsides to using this wallet, although the audit by Least Authority stated that the wallet has some potential vulnerabilities that could affect the users. However, no issues have been reported since then.

Step 2. Monitor the Price

Once you select your exchange, it’s time to start swapping your crypto assets. The only question left is when. Well, as it turns out, you need to monitor the prices of the cryptos you want to swap to learn when’s the good time to do it.

The good news is that both BTC and ETH are predicted to increase in the future, so here’s what the prediction websites are saying.

BTC Price Prediction

PricePrediction.net states that the price of Bitcoin will reach around $83,426 by 2025 and as much as $556,303 by 2030.

DigitalCoinPrice predicts an optimistic future for BTC as well, with the coin reaching $104,627 by 2025 and $309,949 by 2030.

ETH Price Forecast

According to PricePrediction, ETH will reach around $5,423 by 2025 and $33,134 by 2030.

We also consulted DigitalCoinPrice for the price of Ethereum in the future. The forecast predicts that the average price of ETH will reach around $6,210 by 2025 and $19,650 by 2030.

Now You Are Ready for BTC to ETH Exchange

It all comes down to choosing the right exchange and monitoring the price of the cryptos you want to swap. Even though both BTC and ETH are predicted to increase in value in the future, it’s still up to you to find the right moment to trade them and make a profit off of this trading pair. Of course, every experienced trader will also try to incorporate other cryptocurrencies into their portfolio and trading strategies.

Before all that, we suggest starting with the first step: finding an exchange. If you’re new and you’re looking for a safe, quick, and anonymous option, make sure to start with Godex.


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