Windows play a vital role in creating the home’s atmosphere. Whether it’s an office building, a restaurant, a library, or someone’s house, windows not only form the exterior look of the property but also provide the much-needed light inside the building, bringing sunshine and airiness to all the rooms. Andersen is a well-established window manufacturer that has been around for more than 100 years. The company offers a wide range of products made with high-quality materials, catering to a huge variety of home designs.

But how to choose the best windows for your house? You can install custom-designed windows that suit your home decor or window walls to enjoy the beautiful scenery around your house. Bay windows will maximize your view and add depth to the interior, while windows with decorative grills look charming and cozy both inside and outside. To choose the best windows for your building, you need to consider a few factors like panel material, style, installation process, and size, all of which influence the windows’ cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Windows?

Andersen windows can significantly boost your home’s appearance and transform the interior of the rooms. The average installation cost per unit will cost you around $380 – $4,100, depending on the type of windows you choose. The windows’ cost is determined by many factors, such as:

  • Window type and size
  • Energy efficiency
  • Material
  • Glass type
  • Window location
  • Labor costs in your area

Apart from these factors, you may also pay extra for interior touch-ups once the replacement is done, exterior finishing, and even the disposal of old windows if you want a professional to do this (it may cost up to $100).

6 Main Types of Andersen Windows

The market is filled with a huge variety of window types suitable for all kinds of buildings and home exteriors. It all really comes down to your budget and the design of your house, which may demand a more modern or classic look. Hence, some window types will be more suitable than others.

Double-Hung Windows

This type of window comes with two movable sashes that overlap in the middle. It is one of the most popular window styles as it is budget-friendly and looks good. This window type costs between $340 and $1560, offering a great combination of style and functionality.

Single-Hung Windows

Similar to double-hung windows, single-hung windows have only one movable sash that can slide up for ventilation. They are easy to maintain and will suit most house designs due to their unpretentious look. They’re a great choice if you need to replace many windows at once at a lower cost. The starting price for these windows is around $200.

Casement Windows

Casement windows open outside and swing from a hinge similar to a door. This type of window is simple, weathertight, and energy-efficient, but the mechanical parts may wear faster than those of other window types. The prices range between $420 and $2,100, including installation costs.


Bay Windows

If you want to make your interior look more attractive while adding more space, then opt for bay windows. This type of window creates an alcove inside the room, extending outside. It offers a great view and a cozy little area inside the room, adding more sunlight and air. It’s one of the more expensive window types and can cost anywhere between $1,590 and $4,250.

Picture Windows

If you want to fully enjoy the outside view and don’t have to worry about ventilation, then you can go ahead and install a picture window. This type of window is air-tight and easy to maintain. It also costs less compared to other window designs because there are no mechanical parts. Picture windows come in various shapes and sizes and can cost around $300 – $1,650.

Awning Windows

Awning windows have hinges on the top, so they open at the bottom, allowing a decent amount of airflow into the room. The mechanism is simple, and the overall window design is airtight and energy-efficient. Awning windows are great for rainfall or snowfall when you want to enjoy fresh air without damaging your interior. These windows cost around $395 to $1,480.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the windows for your building, you need to consider many factors that will make the installation process more or less costly. The Andersen brand offers a wide range of window styles that will perfectly match your house design as well as your budget. Standard window sizes and designs like single-hung and double-hung windows cost less than more elaborate ones like bay windows. Once you’ve figured out what type of windows you want to install, it’s good to think about the time to do this – during off-peak season, the whole process may be much cheaper.


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