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Live a happening trip in New Orleans! Here’s How!

“Every time I close my eyes blowing that trumpet of mine, I look right into the heart of good old New Orleans.

“Every time I close my eyes blowing that trumpet of mine, I look right into the heart of good old New Orleans. It has given me something to live for.”

  • Louis Armstrong

Beginning a New Year in New Orleans is totally different from the rest of the world. While the world is about to end up the holiday season and get back to their work, New Orleans still keeps their party spirits on throughout January.

New Orleans celebrates the entire January with exotic festivals and events filling colors of happiness in the air. On an official note, the ceremonies or carnivals begin on January 6. Due to the global pandemic circumstances, the festivals may seem a bit different from the previous years, but the celebration mode will still be at the peak.

If you are planning to step outside your home, roam the world’s most exotic city, then make up your mind, surf through these exceptional things to do in New Orleans, and get ready to live a January full of dreams. So, without wasting any more time, let’s explore a string of things to do New Orleans and find out how you can make new memories here. Get a note of it, check with your travel planner, book your tickets, and get ready to experience something exceptional.

Welcome New Year with WWOZ – It’s the time when you step into the new year, welcome the new happy vibes, and enjoy the beauty of New Orleans at its best. This city plans for a perfectly lit event with WWOZ adding more to your party spirit. You can be a part of the New Year’s Eve party performances from Irma Thomas, Aaron Neville, and other local artists who have been keeping the audience glued to their performances for years. Usually, this celebration lasts for a day only but don’t feel bad as there are some other interesting events on the way.

Here, WWOZ studio organizes a 3 days classic performance program with music festivals going on throughout the city, especially in and around the WWOZ studio. During this time, millions of travelers visit this spot to visualize and be a part of this major celebration.

Relish live music with the Krewe from Red Beans – One of the best things about New Orleans is that it never gets extremely cold here. Therefore, people love to relish outdoor live music with patrons singing and involving people to enjoy it. Due to the pandemic, you may see people wearing a mask and maintaining distance from each other, but that won’t ruin the true fun of being there and enjoying surreal music. It features the famous series named Amigos de Samba, Zony Mash Beer Project, and Jose Fermin & Merengue 4 to keep people entertained throughout the time.

Buy and enjoy king cake – The official date for Mardi Gras is January 6, and it’s the time when you get to have the best cakes and other delectable treats in the city. If you have a sweet tooth, don’t forget to go for the king cake, which comes with a lot of flavors and everything you would have wished to see in your dream cake. As it is a seasonal cake, you won’t find it anywhere throughout the year.

The famous yoga celebration – People in New Orleans are quite concerned about their health and physique. Therefore, most of them go for yoga classes. And in no time, New Orleans has had The Ohm Well (a Yoga studio) letting people find a way towards fitness.

The bottom line –

New Orleans offers a lot of opportunities to enjoy your quality time. All you need is to do some homework, learn about the different events or carnivals happening, and step outside for it now. If you have ever visited New Orleans before this, you may get to see some unexpected changes this year due to the global pandemic. So, brace yourself accordingly.