Low-intensity training targets 60-70 percent of your maximum heart rate, which is an easy pace you can do while still being able to maintain a conversation. This type of workout can include cardio or walking at a slow pace. It is a great choice for people who want to get a good sweat in without affecting their joint health. The benefits of this type of workout are well documented.

However, low-intensity workouts do have their benefits. They are great for people recovering from injury, people with joint problems, and people who are new to exercise. A mix of high and low-intensity exercises can help people achieve their goals and prevent injury. Compared to high-intensity workouts, low-intensity exercises put less stress on the muscles and joints. As such, they help prevent injury and can help increase a person’s overall fitness. Alternatively, people recovering from injury can grow marijuana seeds for beginners at home and extract its natural compound for pain management.


HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is increasingly popular as a way to increase fat burning. HIIT workouts are also known to improve fitness markers such as blood pressure, glucose sensitivity, and overall endurance. High-intensity interval training has the advantage of being highly customizable and less boring. Since it constantly switches movement, resistance, and speed, people are forced to focus their full attention on the exercise routine. This is the primary reason for its increasing popularity.


When referring to LIIT as the new high intensity in fitness exercise routines, we mean any physical activity that can be done through varying levels of intensity. A typical LIIT exercise plan would consist of squats followed by press-ups to increase the TUT of the muscle group. Then, the exercise is followed by a recovery period. This type of workout is generally easier on the joints than HIIT exercises.

LIIT has numerous benefits, and can be beneficial for everyone. Older adults, particularly those with poor cardiovascular health, may benefit from the lower-intensity exercise routines. It is also much more sustainable than HIIT and does not put the body at risk for injuries. Furthermore, it is suitable for individuals who are less fit and want to improve their overall health. In addition, it allows the body to recover more quickly.

LISS cardio

While HIIT is the standard for many fitness enthusiasts, LISS is often favored by people with less physical fitness. Both types of workouts can increase a person’s cardiovascular work capacity and burn more calories than HIIT. While HIIT is great for burnout, LISS allows you to continue working out for longer periods without stressing your joints. In addition, LISS cardio is also beneficial for older adults. It can improve bone density and musculoskeletal health, which are important aspects of aging.

HIIT and LISS are complementary workouts. Both are effective at increasing endurance and are beneficial for recovering muscles after a vigorous cardio workout. Beginners can incorporate LISS cardio into their weekly routines. A typical LISS session lasts 45-60 minutes. Intermediate and advanced fitness levels can also incorporate LISS cardio into their routines, although the intensity should be low enough to avoid injuries. The goal is to include LISS cardio in at least two or three days of weekly exercise.


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