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Magnificent Winter Camping Locations In The USA: 6 Places You Should Visit In 2023

Camping in winter is the perfect way to enjoy the extraordinary beauty and charm of the winter season. White snow underfoot, sun glares off the ice, frozen waterfalls, white treetops, and a feeling of freshness – you can appreciate all these while being in nature during the colder months.

The unusualness of the experience and some degree of challenges are often why many people are interested in winter camping. In addition, the winter season opens up opportunities for the various activities available at this time of year, such as snowboarding, skiing, ice fishing, and even childish snowball fights! All this makes a trip to nature a perfect way to relax and have fun with friends. The main task is to prepare well, bring the necessary gear and reliable shelter, and get a winter camping tent stove to feel comfortable regardless of the weather.

At the same time, winter camping is not necessarily accompanied by snow and low temperatures. If you are a beginner or afraid of spending the night in a tent in frosty weather, but you still want to go on a trip, then you can choose an area with a warm climate and enjoy camping without the risk of freezing!

Here are six beautiful places to look out for when choosing where to go camping with friends or solo to get new experiences and impressions!

High Sierra

This place in California is the perfect option if you want to enjoy winter camping with all the comforts.

In High Sierra, you can rent yurts that already have furniture and electricity. Alternatively, you can set up a tent or RV at the campground.

Visiting this place, you can walk along many scenic trails, see majestic waterfalls, especially wonderful in winter, and also get visual pleasure from the variety of natural beauties that the California High Sierra is famous for.

In addition, you can hire a guide, rent mountain transport, or order cooked food, which will make your trip easier and more comfortable, turning your camping into a great break from the routine.


Located in Wisconsin, Hayward is a nice place for camping and winter sports.

The area is best known for The American Birkebeiner, the biggest Nordic cross-country ski race that takes place here every year. There can be over 10,000 racers during Birkebeiner, so by visiting Hayward you can additionally enjoy the race and all kinds of events focused on outdoor recreation.

For visitors, well-maintained campsites are available here, and there is also the opportunity to rent a cabin.

Adirondack Park

This park is located in upstate New York and offers a vast area to explore (over 6 million acres).

Adirondack has a truly stunning landscape filled with mountains, rivers, boreal forests, and a variety of wildlife. Thus, visiting this park, you will definitely enjoy all its beauty, especially in winter.

In addition, Adirondack is located in remote areas, so if you were looking for an opportunity to escape from the bustle of the city and familiar life, being secluded with nature, then this place is perfect for such a goal! Visit the park with friends for group camping or enjoy the solitude in 1 person cold weather camping tents while getting to know yourself and watching the beauties of nature, magical sceneries, and amazing landscapes.

Coastal Florida

If instead of freezing nights somewhere in the mountains, you like a warmer and more tropical climate, then the coast of Florida is the perfect place for you in the winter!

National parks, islands, reservations – it’s all in Florida, so you have plenty to choose from. However, the beauty and vibe of Florida attract many tourists every year, so when planning a trip, especially in winter, book in advance.

One of the main advantages of camping in Coastal Florida is the variety of options: you can set up a tent in an interesting location, rent a cabin, live in a cottage with all the necessary amenities, or spend time in RV campgrounds – it all depends on your desires and needs.

So if you are looking for a place to camp in winter with summer weather, then Florida is for you!

Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods in Minnesota is a nice place for winter camping and also a perfect spot for ice fishing. Therefore, not only enthusiasts often come here, but also fishermen, for whom camping is a consequence of their hobby.

Various camping options are available for visitors: you can set up a tent on a frozen lake, try out glamping (the same camping only with a touch of glamor), or rent a cabin.

In addition to winter activities and camping, Lake of the Woods has a fairly developed infrastructure, so you do not have to carry a huge amount of things and gear with you.

White Sands National Park

The final on our list is White Sands National Park in New Mexico. One of the core features of this area is the white sand. So you get a visual experience similar to snowy landscapes, only enjoying a more pleasant climate along the way. Thus, if you want to go winter camping but without winter weather, then this national park is the best place!

Here you can either stay in a primitive campsite with a tent, rent a cabin, or live in an RV.

During the winter months, the average temperature here is 60 degrees Fahrenheit, but at night the temperature can drop to almost 20 degrees, so when planning to visit White Sands, bring enough warm clothes and an all-weather tent!