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Orbzii: Is this the future of travel booking by app?

Booking your dream trip in one fell swoop is the thing organizational dreams are made of.

Enter Orbzii, whose tagline is to ‘Dream, Plan and Book’ your next adventure using one convenient app. Sounds ideal? This is how it breaks down.

Orbzii is essentially like Tinder for travel if you’ll forgive the crass comparison. Users of the app are shown inspiring pictures of destinations from all over the world. Once you see one that’s worthy of a right swipe, the app suggests different areas of that destination where you can find out more about the neighbourhoods, culture and general vibe.

The plan section of the app allows you to create a travel plan for your dream trip, which you can share with travel buddies, or just keep to yourself for a solo adventure.

Then the book function details all the (verified – no pesky last-minute loading problems) flights and hotels in your chosen area.

The three steps for finding your dream destination and executing it from start to finish are as follows:

DREAM – swipe through thousands of travel photos for some inspiration for your next trip. Orbzii’s algorithm quickly learns what you love, and shows you your dream locations.

PLAN – swipe right on places you want to visit, and left on those you don’t, to plan and store future trips.

BOOK – the app’s trusted booking systems show you the best value and quality deals on your perfect holiday, with more than 300K destinations and 350K hotels to choose from.

SHARE – the app has functionality so that you can link up with friends and family to plan group trips together, without having to make yet *another* WhatsApp group.

Find out more at orbzii.com.