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Outdoor improvement tips: 10 outdoor living trends that will be popular in 2023

Outdoor improvement tips: 10 outdoor living trends that will be popular in 2023

Outdoor improvement tips: 10 outdoor living trends that will be popular in 2023

January 21st, 2023

Each year we witness new trends and ideas. Since the covid-19 lockdown, homeowners have invested time, money and resources into transforming their home exterior into functional spaces, from leisure and recreational zone to home offices to private settings to throw parties and host meetings. What are the biggest outdoor living trends in 2023?

Regardless of your style, personal taste and need, you will find a trend that can assist in tailoring your outdoor space and making the most of it. Whether you're looking to liven up your space with potted plants, go the environmentally sustainable way or choose a contemporary style like minimalism, there is a trend to satisfy your needs and preferences.

Metallic Accents

Many homeowners now prefer metallic finishes due to the charm and aesthetic interest they add to outdoor areas. These accents can give an inviting or relaxing ambiance based on the shade used. If you are considering adding metallics to your outdoor décor, start gradually. You can place a silver-framed mirror on your wall or shiny metal flower vases beside your outdoor table or chairs.

Eco-friendly materials

Studies in 2022 have predicted the growth of the global eco-friendly home decor industry in the next ten years. It had a valuation of £331 billion in 2021; the figure is projected to hit £556.3 billion by 2031 as homeowners look out for outdoor furniture, decks and items manufactured from recycled, eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Here are ideas that can improve the sustainability and eco-friendliness of your outdoor spaces and patio.

  • Seats and tables manufactured from recycled wood.
  • Furniture manufactured from waste would have been dumped in the ocean and landfills.
  • Low-maintenance Composite decking board
  • Homemade planters from recycled materials
  • Solar outdoor lights
  • Woven door mats

Using these types of materials will help lower our carbon footprint and ensure minimal damage is done to the planet. This is the main reason to buy eco-friendly brands. It definitely looks like many homeowners will seek out more sustainable outdoor décor items in 2023.

Accessible Areas

Outdoor spaces have to not only be safe but accessible for anybody. These accessible areas revolve around creating inclusively planned open spaces, as seen in some private yards and public gardens. There are myriads of strategies you can use to offer open access to your outdoor living area. Here are some:

  • Change the address number of your home and replace it with a bolder, more prominent figure that is easily viewable from the street.
  • Install motion-sensor lights in areas of high traffic
  • Install light strips across pathways, below fences, and on steps.
  • Add small tables to entry points for people to place items quickly before accessing doors or gateways.
  • Add deadbolts that can be controlled remotely with your smartphone to enhance your door security.

Creating seamless indoor-outdoor space

Create a seamless outdoor and indoor space with a few updates. Opt for an alfresco-friendly patio, décor, furnishings, cushions and accessories that fit your home's interior layout. This will extend your living space and add aesthetically appealing cohesiveness to your home.

If you lack a separate outdoor living area, a door is a nice option. You can add a bifold glass door to extend your interior space. This functional accessory allows your family to enjoy quality ventilation and bright lighting.

Unique cultural designs in outdoor spaces

Thinking of exotic places? You can simply create those holiday vibes by adding cultural designs to your outdoor space. Illuminate your home's exterior with North African lamps, or opt for a beautiful French-designed dining set laid atop an Egyptian-inspired jute rug to evoke the vacation vibe associated with distant places.

Front Yard Decorating

Homeowners are very intentional about enhancing the appearance of their front yards to create curb appeal, whether it's by a manicured lawn, soft lighting or cosy furniture. Everyone seems to be investing their time and resources into adding beauty to their street-facing living spaces for diverse reasons: it could be to increase the resale value, host a party or improve curb appeal.

Artificial grass has now become a highly popular yard accessory because of its low-maintenance and positive environmental impacts (e.g., lower erosion).

Home Office Spaces

The sleek and cosy outdoor workspace is among the biggest outdoor improvement trends of the last three years. It is a good way to work remotely and stay productive. Add a wide weatherproof table and a gazebo or umbrella (for protection from the sun). An ergonomic chair ensures you remain cosy during work hours, and small decorative elements such as a water feature or bird feeder will liven up those dreary work days.

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