CBD is something we’re hearing a lot about. From drops under your tongue to help you sleep to incorporating it into your skincare, so House of Coco have spoken to founder of Potyque, Michelle Rust.

After turning to CBD oil after struggling with menopausal symptoms, Michelle decided to take a more natural approach to treatment which, after a lot of research, led her to CBD oil. Here we chat more about the brand, the benefits of CDB and how to incorporate its used into every day life.

Can you tell us more about how Potyque started?

I wanted a natural, non-invasive approach to the answer to my menopausal symptoms. After trying a number of CBD oils, it was obvious there was a gap in the market for a premium oil, one which ensured confidence in its contents.

Can you tell us about the CBD oil Potyque uses?

Potyque was created by using only first-class biodynamically grown hemp and the finest extraction and purification processes. It is extracted using only green chemicals (supercritical CO2 – you can turn CO2 (which we all know as a gas) into a liquid at very low temperature and under pressure which makes it a very good solvent), hence ensuring the purity of the end product.

So Potyque is a natural product, which can help users bring balance back to their busy lives.

What was the inspiration behind launching Potyque?

Coming from a pharmaceutical background, with over twenty years experience, I have a deep-rooted interest in anything to do with medicine, supplements and new treatments. As more and more information has become available over the years regarding the possible benefits of CBD oil, I became increasingly intrigued in how it works and the different types available on the market. Not all CBD products are created equal was one of the first insights I gained, and I tried a quite a few. My mum had also been using CBD oil for a while and hadn’t really found one brand that seemed to work and that she stuck with. I believed passionately that creating a premium CBD oil was the right thing to do and as such, Potyque was founded.

Why should people opt for CDB oil?

We tend to massively underestimate the benefit of plants, which is odd really when you realise how many pharmaceuticals are derived from natural products, so I guess the next steps are to help as many people understand how CBD oil can help, understand how to choose the right oil for them and ultimately gain benefit from Potyque.

How do you find the right strength of CDB oil?

We encourage users of Potyque CBD to keep a journal (available to download from our website) to help you keep on track of how you are feeling as you titrate up through the strengths; you may well feel you are sleeping better/deeper, you may feel less anxious, or indeed just feel different but can’t pinpoint exactly what that is.

We advise you follow 2-3 drops, 2-3 times a day with the 5% and fully use the bottle, then moving upwards (titrate) to the 10% and finally the 20% following the same routine of 2-3 drops, 2-3 times a day.

Your response will be unique to you, but when you reach that optimum dose, you will know.

The Food Standards Agency recommend a maximum daily dose of 70mg. So, do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

What ways can you incorporate CBD into your lifestyle?

Just keep it really simple. I keep a bottle of Potyque by my toothbrush and taking it has become part of my morning and bedtime routine, that takes care of two of my doses for the day.

I have been taking Potyque for over a year now and started at 5% and have moved up through the strengths and now use the 20% daily.

What advice do you have for those who are hesitant to incorporate CDB oil?

Potyque’s products and processes are fully compliant with national and international laws and standards, giving users peace of mind. We are members of the Cannabis Trade Association, which advocates a regulated CBD market.

The quality of hemp plants depends on many factors; where they are grown and how, but most critically the process involved in extracting the oil, which can affect the quality of the end product.

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