Any home, including an apartment, holds many valuable items, from jewelry to equipment to furniture. These are all investments that need to be protected. You can do this by keeping them in safety boxes, adding security tags on them, or getting contents insurance to recoup their value if something bad happens.

The Most Valuable Items in Your Apartment

You might think that valuables in your home only include jewelry, artwork, and similar items. After all, when it comes to what renters’ insurance covers, these are the items that are usually singled out in the ‘valuables’ category. But other high-ticket items deserve equal attention!

Here’s a quick breakdown of the most valuable items you may have in your apartment:


Some of the most valuable things you own are your furniture: sofas, wardrobes, beds, tables, etc. Even if they aren’t designer or antique pieces, they were likely pricey and would take a large chunk out of your budget to replace.

Clothing and Accessories

It might not seem like it, but your clothes and accessories, including shoes and bags, can add up to a good amount–especially if you own any designer items.


The electronics you have lying around the house are some of your biggest investments. Add up the prices of your laptop, speakers, cameras, phones, and game consoles, on top of other home appliances, and you’re probably looking at thousands of dollars!

Recreational Equipment

If you’re into sports and music, you probably have equipment lying around that holds some value. These may include exercise equipment, bikes, and surfing gear or musical instruments like amps, guitars, and keyboards, among others.


Collections, such as stamps, coins, antiques, and artwork, are worth a lot. If you get them valued, you may be surprised at just how much value they hold!

How to Protect Valuables in Your Apartment

Keep Them in a Safe

A safe is a great place to keep small valuables, such as jewelry and money. Any thieves won’t have the time or skills to crack these boxes open, and high-quality safes are often fire- and water-proof.

Add Security Tags

Track your items by adding security tags that will tell you where they are at all times. If an item is stolen, you can easily track it and work with authorities to get it back.

Get Contents Insurance

Insurance is good to have as an extra safeguard to cover your valuables in case of an emergency. Talk to an insurance agent about the best way to insure your prized possessions.

Invest in Home Security

A home security system is one of the best ways to deter burglars. In case of a break-in, a security system can alert authorities automatically for quick intervention.

In Conclusion

Recognizing the valuable items in your apartment and knowing the right methods to protect them will help you to safeguard your investments. Be sure to set these protections in place in your home with the help of a reliable insurance company!


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