In recent years, eSports has gained recognition as it gathered online followers. The rise of Dota 2, Leagues of Legends, Counter-Strike, and others has prompted many tournaments. You can now find them almost rivalling slot tournaments online and on bookmakers. Streaming these competitions is exciting to enthusiasts.

However, streaming channels are not the same. You should note some things before choosing a platform to stream your favorite game. This article will discuss some of these factors and even recommend some great streaming channels.

Factors to Consider for Choosing eSports Streaming Sites

Top sites for following these games have common features that make them stand out. These features aim to make streaming easy for users. Some of these factors include:

  • User-friendliness: You must check out if a user-friendly interface is in place on the platform you wish to use. This will ensure easy access to the services and your favourite eGame tournament easily. Navigation on the site should be simple, and necessary features, like video-on-demand and livestreaming, to enhance the game viewing experience should be in place.
  • Esports Coverage: There is no point in joining any viewing channel if your favourite game is not covered. Always ensure LoL, Dota 2, or any game your preferred features on the channel. Also, ensure adequate and valuable analytics that can help you optimize content are available.
  • Quality Streaming: The quality of streaming services is another aspect worth considering while choosing sites to view. There is no point in viewing if the imaging and sound are not good enough. So, pick platforms with crystal clear visuals and quality sound.
  • Accessible Multiple Devices: Your streaming channel should not be limited to your laptop or TV. You should be able to switch between PC, mobile, and TV versions anytime. This will ensure you don’t miss your favourite eGame tournament clashes. Therefore, check if the platform goes well with all screen sizes and devices.
  • Cheap or No Cost of Streaming: Some platforms are free to air, while you have to subscribe to others. Save some cost when choosing a less expensive site to view your favourite game on. You can also find some free channels like YouTube and Twitch.

Some Free Streaming Platforms for eSports Tournament

Although there are paid channels, some free platforms can be great for your favourite game. While they cost you nothing but your data, they also offer quality services. Below are the most common platforms from which you can stream your game.


This is a gaming hub that has contributed immensely to the growth of eSports over the years. It provides premium coverage of most events with many benefits. You will find quality visuals and sounds of live competition at no cost on this platform.

Aside from being free, the site is equally user-friendly, which has helped it gather many followers in the industry. Twitch has built a large community with unique social features, allowing you to interact with other followers. The mobile and desktop versions also make it simple to access. The real-time communication tool also helps you have an immersive gaming adventure.


This is another common destination for sports enthusiasts. It started livestreaming in 2011, and with its on-demand videos, it has become an ideal spot for your favourite iGame tournament. Because it has billions of users, many organizers bring live tournaments to this platform.


The platform is also user-friendly, as followers can engage using the comment sections. With quality visuals and sounds provided and accessibility on diverse devices, streaming your preferred tournaments is ideal. Subscribing to YouTube channels is also free.

Tools Needed for Smooth Streaming

To have a nice time while you stream your favourite tournament, there are some tools you must put in place. Most are common gadgets, but they ensure you have a smooth time enjoying your tournaments. These tools include:

  • Good PC, Console, or Mobile device
  • Strong internet connection
  • Headset and Microphone

Gear Up and Start Streaming

Following your tournament live can be exciting. With the right gears, platform, and match all set, nothing should delay your entertainment. Pick your preferred platform, gear up, and enjoy the streaming service.


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