It is crucial to get the design of the bathroom right in your rental property. You will find, though hopefully not to your cost, that getting the design right will boost your rental potential while also having potential tenants falling over one another to rent your property. For one thing, it can make a property stay firmly in the memory, and if you have planned it correctly, this will have a huge positive impact.

#1 Workout who your rental markets are

Of course, firstly, you will have to assess who your target tenants actually are. For instance, if you want to rent to those with young children, you are probably going to require a bathtub at your property, whereas if your target market is young professionals or even the older generation, a walk-in shower rather than a shower over the bath could be a far better idea.

#2 Choose your desired look

Once you have got this sorted out, it is time to do some research into the perfect bathroom for your property. Bathroom refits can be expensive, but if you are working on a tight budget, you will find that you can get top-end looks for a fraction of the price by spending wisely.

For instance, a white suite is a white suite regardless of how much it costs; once installed, it is likely to blend into the background as it is your faucet, shower, screen, tiles, and flooring that will take center stage. So, with that information, you will be able to ascertain where you should splash out and where you can save a little money. In addition to this, thick fluffy towels, a decent TP holder, eye-catching soap, and hand cream dispensers can create that piece of luxury that can lift your new bathroom even further.

#3 Get professionals involved in the fit

Of course, you can pay a small fortune for all of this, and yet if you get the wrong person in to fit it, it could result in totally the wrong look completely. To get all of your bathroom furniture installed correctly and functioning perfectly, you would do little better than hire the services of local plumbers. They will be able to adjust any pipework, ensure that your faucets are functioning correctly, and that any hidden pipework is fit for purpose.

Tiling, although it can be done by anybody, is probably better left to those that have experience in order to get the best result. This is because they are usually worth the money that they are asking for to perform the work. This is because they will be able to cut the tiles for a perfect fit while wasting very little. At the same time, a novice will struggle to cut the tiles correctly 9 times out of 10 and will therefore waste a lot.

Final thoughts

So, in order to hit that sweet spot with potential tenants, you will have to do your research before getting to grips with the more enjoyable design stage. Ensure that the work is carried out properly by hiring the services of experts, and you should find that you have very few maintenance issues to contend with as far as your designer bathroom is concerned.


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