A girl has many dreams and desires when it comes to her wedding. Most girls know how their wedding day will look from childhood. They have a vision, from deciding on the venue to knowing what dress they will wear. And most girls would love to wear the same wedding dress their mom wore. Unfortunately, the condition of your mom’s wedding dress might not be impeccable enough for you to wear it. Or the dress might be too old-fashioned for your wedding theme. Also, the dress might not even fit you. Therefore, many brides feel disheartened about how to honor their mom at their wedding. This sentiment is crucial for brides whose moms are no more. They want to honor their mom by incorporating her dress into the wedding. But you do not always have to wear a dress to do so. You can try other ways to ensure your mom’s wedding dress is part of your big day.

Create a garter out of the dress.

Wearing a garter is a wedding ritual and the perfect way to honor your mother. Whether you want to incorporate your mother’s or mother-in-law’s dress, this is an ideal way. You can use the lace from the dress or veil to make a garter. A custom bridal garter from your mom’s dress is a unique and emotional addition to your wedding. This way, you can incorporate her dress without wearing it.

Repurpose it into a reception or rehearsal dinner dress.

So, the dress fits, but it is a little worn out, and you don’t want to wear it on the big day. But you still want to wear your mother’s dress. Right? The problem is solved because you can repurpose it for other events like the reception or even the rehearsal dinner. The fun part about doing this is that you can play with the dress to make it your own. For instance, if the dress is too long or weary from below, you can shorten it. If the sleeves are not your style, you can remove them. You can even add satin ribbons to a dress that doesn’t have one to give it a unique look. Work with a reputed seamstress to create an ideal dress for your other wedding events.

Use it to make a ribbon.

Wedding dresses with ribbons are in style. You can use your mom’s wedding dress and create a ribbon out of it to add to your dress. It works well when the dress is battered and only a few parts are salvageable. Using it to make ribbons works ideally.

Use it for the flower girl.

Incorporating your mother’s wedding dress doesn’t mean you need its parts on your dress. You can include it in other ways, too. Using it for your flower girl is an incredible way. The flower girl is allowed to wear white to her wedding. So, why not use your mother’s wedding dress to create a customized and adorable dress for the flower girl? Since they are small, you can even use a worn-out dress for them by using the parts of the dress still intact.

Wear it for the bridal shower.

You can shorten your mom’s wedding dress or cut the sleeves to make it your style. Then, wear it to your bridal shower. Wearing white to your bridal shower will put the spotlight on you.

Ring pillow

Make the wedding ring bearer pillow a little special by adding materials from your mother’s wedding dress to the pillow. It is your choice to use the entire dress to create the pillow. Or you can buy the pillow from a store and use the dress to decorate it. For instance, hot glue the beads or lace onto the pillow. Or use the dress’s lining to make its base and use the dress’s outside for decorations.

Include the dress in your accessories.

Accessories are integral to all weddings, and you can use your mom’s dress for the same. For instance, the flower or bouquet you will be holding needs fabric to hold it together. You can use fabric from the dress for this. Or you can add the lace in the wedding dress to your veil. Moreover, you can create a clutch for yourself and the little flower girls from your mom’s wedding dress.

The relationship between a child and her mother is unique. Even if there are a few misunderstandings, most girls rely on their mothers. For a woman, getting married is a crucial step in her life, and if she wants her mother nearby, even if it is through incorporating her wedding dress, do it. Use the above ways to honor her by repurposing her dress for yourself.


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