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Speeding Up Phone Hold Times with Immigration Services

Nothing about the immigration process ever seems to move smoothly or quickly, even when every aspect of your green card application

Nothing about the immigration process ever seems to move smoothly or quickly, even when every aspect of your green card application is properly filled out. On average, it takes between one to two years to find out if your green card application is approved.

Just imagine the delays a mistake can cause. Suddenly, you receive a notice alerting you to the mistake and now you’re stuck on the phone for hours with U.S. Customs and Immigration Services. Avoiding unnecessary phone hold times is going to quickly become a priority. After all, you can’t be expected to stay on the phone for hours a day. Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to shorten your wait times on the phone.

What is the Most Common Issue with Green Cards

While incorrect information on a green card isn’t common, this is usually a relatively easy fix. Instead of calling USCIS (U.S. Customs and Immigration Services, you’ll simply request Form 1-90. This is also the form you use if USCIS makes an error on your permanent resident card. Yes, the government makes mistakes, sometimes more frequently than you may think.

Along with Form I-90, you’ll also submit your green card with the error. You can highlight the error, sometimes, this can help ensure the mistake isn’t repeated. Yes, this can also happen. You’ll also need to provide supporting documentation. The documents you provide must include the correct information. To make it even easier, and to avoid unnecessary hold times, skip the phone call to customs and immigration.

You can submit Form I-90 online or send everything by mail. Whichever method you use, don’t forget to include your documentation. Otherwise, you’re right back at the beginning and holding an incorrect green card. If you’re wondering about fees, there aren’t any. USCIS doesn’t charge fees for mistakes the agency makes.

Issues with Biometrics

Okay, you’ve filled out your green card application and received notice of your biometrics appointment. If you’re not sure what this is, don’t worry, the process is relatively quick and easy. Basically, your biometrics appointment is when the U.S. government checks to ensure you’re who you say you are on the green card application.

An official will take your photograph and fingerprints. You’ll also be asked to sign the accompanying form. Yes, that’s all there is to the process.

Don’t show up to your biometrics appointment without the following:

  • Your passport, driver’s license, or state I.D. with a current photograph
  • The USCIS notice with the date, time, and location of your biometrics appointment

If you’ve received any other documentation from USCIS relating to your biometrics appointment, you’ll also want to bring this along. Never bring any type of weapon to your appointment. Not only is it illegal, it can result in an automatic denial of your green card application. Go ahead and leave any food or drinks behind. You can’t bring these items to your appointment.

When it’s time for fingerprinting, leave all electronic devices outside the area. This includes smartphones and digital cameras. So, what issues can arise with a biometric appointment? There are a few that can leave you on hold with USCIS, sometimes for hours.

  • Need to change the date and time of your biometrics appointment
  • Missing or incomplete documentation

Instead of being stuck on the phone, possibly for hours, there is an easier way to contact USCIS. You can visit the government website, The website will direct you to a phone number and a corresponding webpage. From there, just follow the online prompts. However, before you get too excited about changing the appointment time, not every reason is considered valid.

Here are some of the reasons the government accepts:

  • You have a verified illness, think doctor’s notice, have a scheduled medical appointment, or are hospitalized
  • Travel is previously scheduled and dates can’t be changed
  • A significant life event is occurring at the time of your appointment. Some examples include a funeral, graduation, or wedding
  • Cannot find reliable transportation to the appointment or an employer is not granting time off from work

If the biometrics appointment notice is delivered late, this can also be a reason to reschedule your appointment. Just remember, to reschedule your appointment with USCIS not only must the reason be valid, but you may also be required to provide proof.

Skip the Waiting Time on the Phone

For individuals facing issues with their green card or biometrics appointment, modern solutions have greatly simplified the resolution process. Rather than enduring long waits on the phone, many concerns can be efficiently addressed through the use of designated immigration services websites.

These platforms offer a wide range of resources, including the ability to check application statuses, update personal information, schedule or reschedule appointments, and access detailed guidance on various immigration procedures.

Utilizing these online services not only saves time but also provides a more straightforward path to solving specific issues. It’s a practical approach that puts control at your fingertips, allowing for a more manageable and less stressful experience in navigating the complexities of immigration processes.