Struggling to find the perfect party piece this season? It’s time to put these brands on your winter wardrobe radar.

It’s no secret that winter weather comes with a whole host of seasonal inconveniences; [...]

It’s no secret that winter weather comes with a whole host of seasonal inconveniences; from having to sacrifice those precious 10 minutes of snoozing your alarm to de-ice your windscreen to working out how your dining table is going to accommodate a family-sized feast, the likelihood of your wardrobe trepidations making their way onto the festive back burner is unsurprisingly high. But when the merriments creep closer and the pressure of finding that perfect party piece starts to simmer, the checklist that accompanies the search can make finding this showstopper a near-impossible task. Is it modishly on-trend? Is it sub-zero degree weather appropriate? Will it accommodate a stomach full of pigs in blankets and after dinner Bailey’s?

That’s why, here at House of Coco, we’ve done all the hard work for you. Saving you the hours of retail hassle, tick this challenge off your to-do list and avoid the nightmare of last-minute panic buys which – let’s be honest – eventually end up making their way back to the returns counter anyway. So, keep scrolling to see the round-up of our favourite independent brands who have mastered the key to faultless go-to pieces, that will take you from your Christmas Day lunch to an all-night New Year’s rendezvous in style.


Voluminous sleeves? Check. Delicately chic patterns? Check. ROTATE has managed to deliver on the most extravagant garments whilst still channelling that effortlessly cool fashion-girl vibe … because if you can’t be extra at Christmas, when can you?


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The thought of opting for an Ibizan-born, partywear brand for your winter wardrobe might not sound overly convincing in frosty temperatures, but trust us. Pair these gorgeous little pieces with some graphic tights and blazers for a fool-proof get-up, then re-wear with bare legs and sandals on your next Summer vacation. Remember; mini-dresses are for life, not just for Christmas.




If dresses aren’t your thing but pyjamas certainly are, SLEEPER tick all the boxes by taking the comfort of sleepwear and transforming your standard nightly attire into silhouettes that were made to be seen on the dancefloor.




Think leopard print, rainbow sequin detailing and Woodstock-inspired fabrics. All your 70’s bohemian dreams come true, wrapped up into one super on-season and outlandishly chic package. Why blend in when you can wear clothes as good as these?




Wear them this year, and the next … and the next. Affordable, elegant and catering for all sizes, Kitri has mastered the secret to creating a collection of beauties that are bound to stand the test of time.


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Out of this world (quite literally) 🌙

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