With exactly one week until the big day itself, it’s time to spread some festive cheer and what better way to spend a Christmas day out than in London? If you’ve got a day off or are planning one final weekend visit to London before Christmas Day itself, we’ve planned the perfect day filled of festive things to do in London.

London is a fantastic city but with so much going on, it can be overwhelming to map out a plan of things to do – especially at such a busy time of the year. With spots to hit on your solo festive date or with friends, family and the kids, we’ve certainly narrowed down a fun day out.

From wandering around streets adorned with some pretty spectacular Christmas decorations to enjoying a festive meal (be it at your favourite restaurant or bringing that restaurant home with you), we’ve got you and your family covered. Whether you’re looking forward to festive food and drink or being pampered for your final Christmas party, one thing is for certain: you’ll certainly be getting into the holiday spirit while following the itinerary we’ve carved out for you below.

Christmas coffee with Benugo

festive things to do in London
It wouldn’t be Christmas without a festive coffee or hot chocolate

Take a stroll around London and take in the festivities of the city when crowds are (possibly) a little less intense. Grab a Christmas coffee from your nearest Benugo and wander around the city’s hotspots for Christmas lights, such as New Bond Street, the Regent Street angels, Carnaby Street, Trafalgar Square and many more areas. Our heads were definitely turned by the apple crumble latte but a winter spiced hot chocolate also never fails.

London pamper day at Christmas

festive hair duck dry london salon party updo
Achieve fuss-free festive chic with your hair, courtesy of Duck and Dry

Why not stop by Duck and Dry for a festive blowout or a new set of nails? Whether you want a bouncy blow-dry to match your mood or are looking for either a sparkly seasonal or cute candy cane manicure, this central London salon has you covered.

If you’re looking to get ready for party season with a stylish updo, you’ll be glad to know that the hairstyle is no longer just for weddings and more serious occasions, with them being a solid choice if you’re looking to show off some backless dress design – or, indeed, brave the glorious winter weather we’re graced with in the UK. At Duck and Dry, you can choose from the Top Kot, Ooh La La or Ducktail to add some festive glamour to your look – whenever the party may be.


Christmas lunch at Sushisamba

sushisamba things festive london lunch restaurant
Enjoy a festive feast at Sushisamba for lunch in London

Christmas has arrived at both the Heron Tower and Covent Garden locations of Sushisamba in London, with guests able to immerse themselves in what the restaurant has coined Sambazonia – a spectacularly festive experience. Whether you’re opting to sample the Festive Taste of Samba menu, which features a selection of seasonal specials – from arroz de lagosta (with a whole lobster) to a Samba Kaiseki platter – miso-ginger cured salmon, seared yellowtail with truffle and more – and Japanese wagyu maki. Of course, Sushisamba’s winter terrace is open for aperitif or digestif cocktails in the heart of the Covent Garden piazza, too.


Christmas at Winter Wonderland

winter wonderland christmas london festive fun
A visit to Winter Wonderland is only custom at Christmas

Yes, yes, we know it’s nothing new but if you’re heading to London for Christmas, a trip to Hyde park’s magical winterland is a classic choice. If you go in the daytime, you’ll find less crowds – plus, if you’re going to have a wander around with a hot chocolate or mulled wine, there’s probably not much more of a festive spot to do so. An off-peak ticket will cost you just £5, which isn’t too bad as far as activities go in the city – but be mindful that certain attractions (including ice rinks, the circus and a giant wheel) inside will require their own booking and come at an additional cost.


Christmas Dinner with Côte

cote home christmas feast new years eve steak turkey lobster
Sack off busy London reservations in favour of a festive feast at home with Côte

Making a reservation for dinner during the festive period can be more headache than it’s worth – so why not invite a few close pals over for a dinner party at yours? While Côte’s festive feast boxes are no longer bookable for Christmas, there are the New Year’s Eve menus still available so you can cook up a storm that will bring about full smiles and tummies across the board.

We thoroughly enjoyed the classic Christmas turkey, indulgent chateaubriand and vegetarian butternut squash and goat’s cheese pithivier with all the trimmings included, too. Proving that there is a good feeling to be had about the New Year’s Eve offerings, these include the likes of beef wellington, côte de boeuf, lobster and much more.


The holidays are a time of joy, laughter, and, of course, delightful treats! There’s nothing quite like gathering your loved ones for a festive cookie party. It’s not just about the cookies, though they are the stars of the show. It’s about creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere that sparkles with holiday cheer.

This year, take your holiday cookie party to the next level with some unique and charming items. From custom curtains that set the mood to the perfect non-alcoholic wine for a toast, we’ve got you covered. Prepare to deck your halls with more than just boughs of holly as we dive into everything you need for a fabulously festive gathering.

Dress Your Windows in Holiday Cheer With Pepper Home Custom Curtains

First impressions are everything, and what better way to welcome your guests into your holiday haven than with beautifully adorned windows? Pepper Home custom curtains are window dressings that act as the backdrop to your festive soirée. You can find curtains that match your holiday theme — a winter wonderland, a classic red and green Christmas, or a sparkling New Year’s Eve motif.

But why stop at aesthetics? These curtains aren’t just pretty faces. With innovative designs from Pepper Home, you can choose curtains that also help insulate your space, keeping your party cozy and warm, no matter how frosty it gets outside. If you’re concerned about the winter sun setting too early, worry not. Their blackout options can keep your party going well into the evening, creating the perfect ambiance for cookie decorating and holiday toasts.

Before you even think about the cookie dough, think about setting the stage for your party. With these custom curtains, your home will not only feel more festive, but it will also provide the perfect Instagrammable backdrop for holiday selfies!

Sip and Savor the Season: A Prebiotic Soda Twist From Olipop

As your guests arrive, sparkling with holiday spirit, welcome them with a refreshing twist on the traditional holiday drink. Move over, eggnog and hot cocoa — Olipop prebiotic soda is here to add a fizzy, healthy kick to your festivities. These sodas, bursting with natural flavors and a hint of holiday magic, are delicious and gut-friendly, ensuring your guests can indulge in cookies without guilt.

Your friends and family will be filled with joy as they toast with glasses filled with Olipop’s unique soda flavors. From the zesty Ginger Lemon that pairs perfectly with classic gingerbread cookies to a refreshing Crisp Apple fizz that complements sugar cookies, these sodas are a delightful way to cleanse the palate between each delectable bite. For those who love to experiment, Olipop offers a range of mixers that can be used to create custom holiday soda cocktails, adding a personalized touch to your cookie party.

But Olipop’s prebiotic sodas aren’t just about great taste; they’re about feeling great, too. Packed with beneficial prebiotics, these sodas help maintain a healthy gut, ensuring your guests leave your party happy and healthy. Pour a round of prebiotic soda and watch as your cookie party bubbles up with laughter and good cheer!

Fashionably Festive: Stylize Your Party Look With Editorialist

Now that the stage is set and the drinks are poured, it’s time to think about what you’ll be wearing as the host of this fabulous fête. Fear not, because Editorialist is here to ensure you’re as stylish as the party you’re throwing. They can help you find a cozy sweater that screams “holiday cheer” or a chic apron that protects your party outfit while you’re baking up a storm.

Editorialist is a treasure trove of holiday fashion inspiration. From sequined tops that sparkle like holiday lights to comfortable yet fashionable slippers that keep your feet happy as you flit around the party, Editorialist knows what it takes to be both comfortable and stylish. They understand that as the host, you’re the center of your party universe, and your outfit should be a reflection of the wonderful, festive atmosphere you’ve created.

Let’s not forget about accessories! They can help you find a range of holiday-themed accessories that add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. With their fashion expertise, you’ll be the talk of the party for both your incredible cookies and your impeccable holiday style!

Warm Delights: Gifting Teas From Sips By for Your Guests

Warm Delights

As the cookie trays circulate and laughter fills the air, why not surprise your guests with a thoughtful takeaway? The exquisite selection of tea gifts from Sips By is the perfect gift to end a sweet evening. Your friends can unwrap a beautifully packaged set of teas, each blend carefully chosen to evoke the warmth and joy of the holidays.

From classic Earl Grey to festive cinnamon spice, these teas are more than just a warm drink; they’re a reminder of the delightful evening spent in your company.

Imagine the conversations that spark as your guests discover their new favorite tea flavor, perhaps even finding a pairing that perfectly complements one of your cookie creations. These teas are conversation starters and memory makers.

Plus, Sips By’s commitment to quality means these teas are sourced from the finest estates, ensuring each cup is a luxurious experience. As your guests depart into the crisp winter night, send them off with a gift that keeps on giving — the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation with Sips By premium teas.

Flutter Into the Festivities With Lashify DIY Lash Extensions

As the host, your eyes should be as expressive as the holiday stories you share. This is where DIY lash extensions from Lashify come in to add that extra sparkle to your look. These lash extensions are the secret to achieving that glamorous, wide-eyed look that will keep you shining throughout the evening.

Fear not if you’re new to the world of lash extensions. Lashify provides a user-friendly kit complete with easy-to-follow instructions, ensuring a hassle-free application. You’ll have so much fun preparing for the party, transforming your lashes into fluttery, eye-catching beauties. It’s not just about the final look; it’s about the joy of pampering yourself for a special occasion.

Moreover, these lash extensions are durable and comfortable, meaning you can focus on hosting your party without worrying about your lashes. They are the perfect accessory to elevate your look and add that extra touch of holiday glamor. Bat those lashes and let Lashify help you add a dash of festivity to your holiday party look!

Personal Touch: Monogrammed Gifts From Marleylilly for Every Guest

In a season filled with warmth and personal connections, what better way to honor your guests than with monogrammed gifts from Marleylilly? Delight each friend with a personalized present waiting for them, a token of appreciation that speaks directly to their heart. Whether it’s a monogrammed tumbler for sipping hot cocoa, a custom sling purse, or a cozy monogrammed beanie, Marleylilly offers an array of options to make each gift unique.

These aren’t just gifts; they’re keepsakes that carry the joy of your cookie party into future holidays. Every time your guests use or see their monogrammed gift, they’ll remember the laughter and love shared at your festive gathering. Marleylilly’s attention to detail and quality craftsmanship ensure that these presents are beautiful and long-lasting.

Add a touch of elegance and personalization to your party favors, and let Marleylilly help you make each guest feel extra special this holiday season.

Toss the Old, Bring in the New: Chic simplehuman Trash Cans

In the whirlwind of a cookie party, it’s easy to overlook the smaller details, like where all the napkins and cookie crumbs end up. This year, say goodbye to unsightly bins and welcome a simplehuman trash can into your festive setup.

These aren’t just any trash receptacles; they’re a seamless blend of functionality and style, designed to complement your holiday décor. You can hide away their dual compartment under counter pull-out can in a cabinet, or you can leave their motion sensor activated can out for easy access.

With sleek designs, simplehuman elevates the humble trash can to a conversation piece. Their range includes various styles and sizes, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for your party space. This holiday season, let simplehuman help you keep your party clean and classy from start to finish.

Cozy Corner: The Perfect Loveseat Sofa From Z Gallerie for Your Party Nook

As the evening winds down and guests start to linger over their last cookies, what better place to relax than in a cozy corner furnished with a Z Gallerie loveseat sofa? Designed for comfort and style, Z Gallerie loveseats are the perfect addition to any festive gathering, offering a snug spot for guests to chat and relax.

A plush, velvet piece adds a touch of luxury, while a more contemporary design speaks to minimalistic elegance. Picture your guests, tea in hand, cozied up on a soft loveseat, sharing stories and laughter as the night draws to a close.

These moments of connection make the holidays special, and with this loveseat, you’re providing the perfect setting for them. Make room for more than cookies and decorations at your party; make room for comfort and togetherness with Z Gallerie’s exquisite loveseat sofas.

Cheers Without Beers: Explore Boisson’s Non-Alcoholic Beverage Selection

As the cookie trays start to empty and your guests look for something to sip on, surprise them with a sophisticated twist: something from Boisson’s non-alcoholic wine, beer, and spirits selection. Perfect for guests who prefer not to drink alcohol or for adding an inclusive touch to your festive gathering, these wines are a delightful way to keep party spirits high without the alcohol content.

Boisson offers a range of options, from sparkling whites that fizz on the tongue to rich reds that pair beautifully with chocolatey cookies. These non-alcoholic wines are crafted with the same care and attention as their alcoholic counterparts, ensuring the taste is never compromised.

Whether your guests are wine connoisseurs or simply looking to try something new, they’ll be impressed by the depth and flavor. Raise a glass of Boisson’s finest non-alcoholic wine and toast to a holiday party that everyone can enjoy, no matter their drink preference.

Bake Like a Pro: Silicone Cooking Utensils From GIR

No holiday cookie party is complete without the baking process itself, and with silicone cooking utensils from GIR, you’re equipped to bake like a pro. These utensils aren’t just practical; they’re a baker’s best friend, designed to make the cookie-making process as enjoyable as the eating.

From spatulas that scrape every last bit of dough out of the bowl to whisks that mix ingredients to perfection, GIR’s range is all about precision and ease.

The beauty of silicone utensils lies in their durability and flexibility. They can withstand high temperatures without melting or losing shape, making them perfect for those marathon baking sessions. Plus, their non-stick properties mean less mess and easier cleanup, so you can focus more on decorating those cookies and less on scrubbing pans.

Available in a variety of fun, festive colors, GIR’s silicone utensils are a handy, vibrant addition to your holiday kitchen décor. Gear up with GIR and turn your kitchen into a cookie factory of joy and efficiency this holiday season.

Toast in Style: Elegant Stemware From Mikasa for the Holiday Toast

What’s a festive toast without the clink of elegant glassware? Enter Mikasa’s elegant stemware, the perfect companion to your non-alcoholic wine selection. These glasses are vessels for your beverages, as well as a statement of style and sophistication. Mikasa’s stemware adds an extra layer of elegance to your holiday cookie party when filled with sparkling cider or a special holiday punch.

The sparkle of your holiday lights will reflect in the pristine glass of this stemware, elevating your table setting to new heights of luxury. Each piece is crafted with attention to detail and quality, ensuring your guests feel special with every sip.

From sleek champagne flutes to robust wine goblets, Mikasa offers a variety of styles to suit any preference. When it’s time to raise a glass and toast to the season, make sure it’s with Mikasa’s exquisite stemware, turning a simple gesture into a memorable moment.

Elevate Your Cookie Party With The Party Darling’s Upscale Party Supplies

As the evening draws to a close and your guests marvel at the wonderful time they’ve had, it’s clear that the little details made all the difference. This is where upscale party supplies from The Party Darling truly shine. From elegant tablecloths that set the stage for your cookie displays to sophisticated serving platters that showcase your baking skills, these party supplies are the final piece of your festive puzzle.

These aren’t your average party accessories; they’re curated pieces that enhance the overall ambiance of your gathering. The Party Darling understands that a cookie party is more than just a gathering; it’s an experience.

Their range of supplies includes everything from stylish napkin rings to decorative centerpieces, each item thoughtfully designed to complement your holiday theme. With these upscale party supplies, you’re creating a holiday event that will be remembered for years to come.

Sweet Endings, Lasting Memories: A Holiday Cookie Party to Remember

As our journey through the essentials for a fabulous holiday cookie party comes to an end, it’s clear that the magic of the season is in the details. From the moment your guests arrive, every element has been carefully chosen to create an unforgettable experience.

With this unique range of products, you’re crafting an event that celebrates the joy and love of the season. Embrace the spirit of giving, sharing, and merry-making, and host a holiday cookie party that will leave your guests with sweet memories.