The Best DIY Food Kits London’s Restaurant’s Have to Offer

With restaurants across the UK set to open for business tomorrow and over the next week, one might wonder if the DIY food kits our favourite eateries had been [...]

With restaurants across the UK set to open for business tomorrow and over the next week, one might wonder if the DIY food kits our favourite eateries had been offering might become obsolete. However, the home cooking kits remain to stay for the time being – which is excellent news for anyone who is shielding or does not feel comfortable dining out at restaurants just yet. Plus, is it just us who has enjoyed a few extra nights in recently? DIY home cooking kits allow you to get the best your favourite restaurants have to offer while eating at home in your pyjamas (or dress up for date night, your choice).

So many restaurants are offering these home cooking kits so if what you’re craving isn’t on this list, it’s always worth checking the restaurants’ websites and social media pages as it has been a great way of keeping Londoners fed well (and as they are used to!), as well as making sure ingredients don’t go to waste. But for the time being, we’ve got you covered for kits ranging from burgers to pizza; ramen to curry night.

Spicebox Vegan Curry Box

Spicebox At Home gives you and your family an entire box of ingredients needed to make the perfect plant-based curry in the comfort of your own home. The box comes with instructions, meaning in just 60 minutes, your family feast will be sorted. There are two options to choose from; the Tikka Masala and the Korma and it wouldn’t be a proper curry night if the boxes weren’t complete with naan bread, kachoris and samosas. The Tikka Masala box is great for anyone who loves cauliflower and peppers while the Korma option offers sweet potato, mushrooms and cannellini beans. Each box comes with a step-by-step recipe card but there are videos on Spicebox’s website as well, if you prefer a cook-along vibe. All that’s left to do is get creative with the curry sauces, chutneys and building your own curry. It’s a hard choice so maybe Tikka Masala this week and Korma the next?

Cost: £39.95 for six people.

Choose from a vegan Tikka Masala or Korma curry box from Spice Box

Eat Crudo DIY Bowls

There are certain meals that sometimes feel a little trickier to recreate at home and ceviche is one of them. However it’s actually quite simple – if you have the right ingredients. The team at Crudo Cevicheria has come up with DIY crudo bowls to enjoy Aguachile in your home – or garden, if this weather keeps going strong. Aguachile is Crudo’s shrimp ceviche dish but you can also select a sea bass option online (they also have sea bass, salmon and a vegan option if you’re looking to eat in or take away). The kits include shrimp (or sea bass), Mexicana Leche de Tigre (ceviche sauce), quinoa, salad, corn chips and jalapeños to create and enjoy this refreshing dish at home. What we love about it is how quick it is to make – so your tummy won’t have to rumble for long!

Cost: £18 for two people, £34 for four.

Enjoy a refreshing bowl of Aguachile with Crudo’s DIY home kit

Perkd Up DIY Burgers

Who hasn’t been craving their favourite burger during lockdown? Luckily, if you’re not keen to go out to eat at restaurants, the best burger spots are still offering their DIY food kits so you can enjoy a good burger at home. Perk’d Up is no exception with their build-your-own-burger kits (BYOB has an entirely different meaning, right now!) Currently only available for delivery to London postcodes, those living in the capital can sink their teeth into a classic cheeseburger, the brand’s signature Espresso Jam burger or even a plant-based patty. The cheeseburger DIY kits come with mince to make your patties, brioche buns, burger cheese slices, Wagyunnaise sauce and crispy onions – although you’ll have to source your own lettuce and any other salad or garnish you might enjoy in your burger. If you’ve gone for the Espresso Jam food kit, you can enjoy streaky bacon and Espresso plum jam too. It’s whisky butter mayonnaise for the plant-based burgers – it’s important to note that this option is vegetarian but not vegan. We’ll take one of each kit, please.

Cost: £30 for four burgers.

Create these burgers with Perk’d Up’s DIY home kit | elizabethjaynephotography

Polú Poké Ramen Kit

If you’ve been missing poké or ramen during the lockdown and still don’t want to venture to a restaurant, Polú’ Poké is your go-to for creating the delicious dishes at home. The DIY food kits include all the ingredients you need to make a refreshing bowl of poké or steaming bowl of ramen at home. You’ll be sorted with pickles, marinades, seasonings and fish for a high quality, sustainable poké. If you’re a ramen-lover, enjoy a 12-hour slow roast Chashu pork belly, fresh handmade noodles and garnishes such as chillies, sweetcorn and spring onion – as well as a ramen egg with which to top off the bowl of comfort.

Cost: £20 for two people.

Make your own bowl of ramen thanks to Polú’ Poké’s DIY kit

Al Dente

Our favourite Fitzrovia-based pastificio has launched its own DIY kits so you can create its much-loved pasta dishes at home. Customers can choose from four options: a classic Carbonara dish; the Amatriciana (with guanciale, pecorino cheese from Amatrice and tomato); a truffle ravioli and the restaurant’s best-selling special dish: broccoli and sausage pasta. These kits can be picked up from the restaurant or you can order via Deliveroo. The traditional pasta place is, indeed, open again for bookings but if you’re still spending time at home, you don’t have to miss out on a delicious dinner.

Cost: £18-22, depending on choice of pasta, for two people.

Don’t miss out on your favourite pasta dishes, thanks to Al Dente’s DIY home kit

Dirty Bones x Dirty Vegan

Craving your NYC-inspired comfort food but not ready to go into Central London for it? Not to worry; Dirty Bones has launched its Dirty at Home DIY kits to cook your favourite dishes at home. Not only can you enjoy the classic Mac Daddy burger (complete with mac ‘n’ cheese and pulled rib short rib) and lamb fries, you can also opt to ‘get down and dirty’, with a pouch of an Old Fashioned cocktail – and a condom is even included. Vegans don’t have to turn away either as the restaurant’s collaboration with Dirty Vegan (which launched in February earlier this year), means you can get your hands on the Dirty Vegan DIY kit too, featuring plant-based chilli cheeseburgers.

Cost: Mac Daddy Kit for four people: £25; Dirty Vegan Chilli Cheeseburger Kit for four people; £25; Get Down and Dirty Kit for two people: £35; Lamb Fries kit: £10.

Create Dirty Bones’ Mac Daddy or Dirty Vegan’s burger kits at home

Arabica Falafel Wraps

Create one of Arabica’s most iconic dishes with their DIY falafel wrap kit. Falafel is one of those things that makes a great snack or main course; fitting into a sandwich or alongside a bowl of couscous. Arabica’s classic mix of chickpeas, broad beans, onions, sweet peppers, garlic, green chilli and fresh herbs and spices is packed full of flavour and simply requires building on the flatbread, alongside the included chopped salad, crunchy pickles, chilli and tahini dressings. Best enjoyed on the same day you make the falafel out of the restaurant’s mix, the question remains: will you ever be able to eat store-bought falafel again?

Cost: £20 for five wraps.

Arabica’s DIY kit gives you everything to make your own falafel wrap

Passyunk Avenue Philly Cheesesteak

Another American food you might be craving is the famous Philadelphia cheesesteak. Thanks to Passyunk, you can enjoy one of its LOVEbundles – which includes everything you need to make your own iconic sandwich. The bundle kits will ensure you’re fully prepared with prime rib eye steak, homemade Wiz Cheese sauce (it is said to be to a cheesesteak what mayonnaise is to a BLT), chopped onions and, of course, a hoagie roll (no cutting corners when it comes to this DIY sandwich creation). If a Philly cheesesteak doesn’t take your fancy, there are also DIY kits for Buffalo wings; steak and wings; and hoagie and wings to enjoy at home too.

Cost: Cheesesteak LOVEbundle kit £32.99 for four people, £42.99 for six; other bundle kits available from £19.99.

Recreate everyone’s favourite sandwich: the Philly Cheesesteak at home

The Ninth Truffle Pasta

Chef Jun Tanaka’s The Ninth At Home will feature a DIY truffle pasta kit – in addition to some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes. Truffle pasta is a classic favourite for most of us and is the perfect measure of lockdown luxury – if you’re still avoiding dining out but don’t want to miss out on the chance to indulge. While we’ve been in lockdown, people seem to have developed their chef skills but there are certain dishes signature to restaurants that we have all been guilty of craving. The kit includes freshly made Conchiglie pasta, 10g of Australian winter truffle, truffle velouté, egg yolk and parmesan, so everything you need to make that bowl of cheesy, truffle goodness you’ve been craving.

Cost: £38.

Make that truffle pasta you’ve been craving with The Ninth’s DIY kit

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