Last week, I had the incredible privilege of being invited to a preview event at the newly opened Six by Nico restaurant in Leeds. Located on East Parade, this stylish and vibrant establishment has added another dimension to the city’s thriving culinary scene. It was truly an unforgettable experience, especially considering it was only their second service.

Upon entering, I was immediately captivated by the bustling energy and high vibe that filled the air. The staff at Six by Nico Leeds operated like a well-oiled machine, orchestrating a flawless dining experience. It was evident that their dedication and passion for their craft went beyond mere professionalism. What struck me most was the hands-on approach of owner Nico Simeone, who was actively engaged in the open plan kitchen, skillfully keeping the team on track while ensuring that every guest felt welcomed and appreciated throughout the bustling restaurant.

As an avid food enthusiast, I was particularly excited to explore the menu that had been generating quite a buzz – The Chippie Experience. Developed and refined over six years, this menu promised to take us on a nostalgic journey through reimagined chip shop classics. Six by Nico has expertly crafted a dining experience that pays homage to the cherished memories of our favorite chip shop meals, offering a new perspective on these beloved dishes.

The culinary adventure began with a series of snacks and aperitifs, skillfully designed to awaken our taste buds and set the stage for the nostalgic feast that awaited us. Each bite showcased an impeccable attention to detail, with carefully selected elements that elevated the flavours and enhanced the overall experience.

The star of the show was The Fish Supper. This reimagined dish features succulent Scrabster Coley, complemented by the tangy notes of Pickled Mussels, the delicate flavours of Confit Fennel, the briny touch of Samphire, and a luscious Beer Emulsion. It’s a symphony of tastes that will transport you to coastal bliss with every delectable bite.

To further enhance the experience, Six by Nico offers an optional themed wine pairing, expertly curated to complement and elevate the flavours of each dish. As someone who’s 8 months in to my sober journey I didn’t opt for that but it was certainly tempting given that it was only an additional £30.

One common misconception about tasting menus is that they may leave you hungry, but Six by Nico Leeds defies this notion. By the end of the six-course meal, I found myself pleasantly stuffed, yet still wanting to savour every last morsel.

What sets Six by Nico apart is its concept of regularly changing the menu every six weeks. This ensures that each visit offers a fresh and exciting culinary experience, fueling the desire to return and discover the new delights that await. How many times can we go within six weeks before the menu changes? It’s a tantalizing thought that lingers in the mind, tempting us to embark on this gastronomic journey once again.

With the launch of Six by Nico Leeds, the city has joined the ranks of its counterparts in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Belfast, Dublin, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London, and Manchester, expanding the reach of this culinary sensation. Nico Simeone’s vision and expertise have successfully transformed a simple chippie meal into a multisensory extravaganza, providing a remarkable dining experience that transcends borders.

So, whether you’re seeking a trip down memory lane or a remarkable culinary adventure, Six by Nico Leeds is a must-visit destination. Allow yourself to be transported through time and flavours, and prepare to embark on a journey that will undoubtedly leave you wanting to return for more.

In the words of a well-fed patron leaving the restaurant with a satisfied smile, “I guess we’ll be back within the next six weeks, but how many times can we truly resist the temptation before the menu changes again?”


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