It is no secret that our lips can get pretty dry, especially during the colder months. Yet so many of us forget to add lip care products to our skincare and beauty rituals. Thankfully, many great products are out there for keeping your lips moisturised and healthy all year.

This list includes our favourite lip care products, key ingredients to look out for, and some top tips on how to use these products effectively. If you want your lips to stay soft and supple daily, read on!

Choosing the best lip care products

Choosing the best products for your lips is more complex than you might think. There are many factors to consider, including your skin type, the condition of your lips, and whether or not you want to apply lipstick on top of the product.

Here’s what to look for when deciding which are the best lip care products for you:

Natural ingredients: Avoid anything that contains harsh chemicals. Some of the best lip care products on the market are made from jojoba oil, beeswax, avocado oil, and vitamin E. These ingredients will help moisturise your lips while also helping to improve their overall health.

Locks in moisture: A good lip care product should lock in moisture, keeping your lips hydrated and healthy throughout the day. This can help prevent chapping and dryness from occurring again. Again, look at the ingredients list—things like grapeseed oil and apricot kernel oil are known for their ability to keep skin moisturised.

1. Lip primer

It is worth investing in a good lip primer if you are a regular lipstick user. Lip primers are designed to help keep your lipstick from bleeding, feathering and drying your lips out. They also prevent fading during wear and can make lip shades more vibrant on the skin, and who doesn’t want that?

A liquid lip primer dries down to form an invisible barrier over your lips before applying any other cosmetics (including lipstick). It will also work to soften dry skin on the lips, so your lipstick can glide on smoothly for a perfect finish.

You will want to look for ingredients like AHAs (Alpha-Hydroxy Acids) and water-soluble acids from fruits and plants. These blends can include sugar, flower extracts, and fruit extracts—natural ingredients that exfoliate and smooth the lips.

Using these products couldn’t be easier:

  1. Take a small drop and massage it all over the lips.
  2. Using gentle strokes, continue until the product is fully absorbed.
  3. Finish with your favourite lipstick.

If you are still determining whether you need a primer, try wearing lipstick without one for a day and see how it compares to when you wear one. If your lipstick doesn’t stay put and keeps fading or bleeding throughout the day, try primers.

2. Hydrating lip balm

When it comes to lip care, many products can help keep your pout in tip-top shape. One of the best options is a hydrating lip balm. This type of product can be used alone or on top of your favourite lipstick for added moisture and protection against dryness, chapping, and feathering.

An excellent hydrating lip balm should be creamy or slightly glossy but never sticky. One ingredient to watch out for when choosing the best product is sugar. This is a common care tip for lips and sugar is regularly used in lip balms and other beauty products because it helps to hydrate and nourish the skin.

If you’re prone to dryness or irritation on your lips, look for ingredients like black currant seed oil – nature’s hero ingredient for moisturising the skin.

After you’ve found the best hydrating lip balm for your needs, make it a part of your daily beauty ritual. This will ensure that your lips stay well-protected and soft throughout the year.

3. Lip mask

Lip masks are a fantastic way to hydrate your lips daily — you can leave them on overnight as you sleep for a natural moisture boost. You can also use them during the day, whenever you feel your lips could do with a little extra TLC.

These masks help your lips recover from daily damage, with natural ingredients like shea butter to provide long-lasting nourishment. Another valuable ingredient to look out for is berry wax. This locks in moisture by protecting the lips’ natural barrier.

To use a lip mask, you must first make sure your lips are clean, then apply a generous layer of the mask and leave it to work its magic.

Hopefully, the tips above will help you choose the best lip care products. By finding products formulated with the ingredients we mentioned, you’ll find something that gives your lips precisely what they need to be healthy and beautiful.


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