Ochre stands proudly on the West shoulder of the National Gallery, aside the Neoclassical building, artfully carving its niche as the essential culinary climax of any visit.

Steeped in the hues of it’s very name, Ochre’s opulent decor is an enveloping autumnal hug for the senses.

From plush earth toned banquettes to mirror shine gold metallics, every aspect of the interior has been designed meticulously with a palatial intention fused with a welcoming warmth.

A scattering of soft furnishings by London College of Fashion graduate Gergei Erdei punctuates and brings an intimacy to the expansive dining room.

The husband and wife team behind the venture, Charlotte & Sam Miller – who also run the National Gallery’s more self-effacing sibling, Muriel’s Kitchen – have hit the nail on the head at Ochre by marrying grandiose surroundings with an earthy embrace.

The portion sizes at Ochre are generous to a fault and not for the faint of appetite.

Fine dining which is indulgent and intensely gratifying, a visit here whether you take in the National Gallery or not, is requisite.

For more information please visit https://www.ochre.london/

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